How to Prospect and Recruit Business Builders

Recommended Resources/Training/Education Downlads

Listen to Masters of Enrollment Master the Invite and Building BIG VOLUME

ICE BREAKERS – How to get prospects to beg you for a presentation


How to Recruit 20 People in 30 Days

How to Develop Instant Trust & Rapport

The Personal Invitation Approach

Example #1: Phone Invitation & Mail Them a DVD

YOU: (Name) I just discovered a way to make more money working from home, part time than I do full time, working at my job. If I send you a short video, would you be willing to watch it and give me some honest feedback?

THEM: What is it?

YOU: It’s something good for your body and good for your bank account and I don’t want to get down the road with it and have you come back to me and say “Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier”.

Honestly, I don’t know if this is going to be a good fit for you or not and if not that’s perfectly fine, however I’d like to show you what I’m doing. If you will watch it, I will send you a short video that will fill you in on the details.

Example #2: Once You Are Making Money (Phone or In Person)

Hey (name) I’ve discovered a home based business that really works. I’m doing it part time and my income is already (amount) a month and growing. I’m not sure this is right for you and that’s perfectly fine, but on the other hand it could be just what the Dr. ordered. if you are open minded, I’d like to send you a DVD that will show you what I’m doing.

Aggressive Professional Approach

Purchase Business Seeker Phone Leads!


Note: Do your own due diligence when investigating MLM lead providers. I make no claims to the quality of these leads. However that doesn’t mean they aren’t good. These appear to be some of the best sources for warm prospect phone leads…


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