Mental Health and Nutrition

I was watching an interview with Donald Trump and they were talking about gun violence and mental health. Mr. Trump emphasized that guns weren’t the problem so much as people’s mental health (a point I happen to agree with). However when asked how he would deal with this it was with more medicine, more medical care etc. He never even mentioned NUTRITION.

There is mounting evidence that suggests nutritional supplements (the right kind) can make dramatic improvements in peoples mental health. Here a recent TED talk by a clinical psychologist that presents some of the more recent clinical studies and scientific evidence on this subject.

Note: One of the things she emphasizes is micro-nutrient, mineral based nutrition utilizing a greater quantity and quality of nutrients (40 nutrients in her studies). Dr. Wallach has been saying this for over 30 years only emphasizing that we need 90 essential nutrients. More evidence that science is just now starting to catch up with Dr. Wallach’s extensive field work, research and discoveries.

90 For Life Nutriceitical Formula