Youngevity Keys to Results

The keys to optimal results with Youngevity

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I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always follow the rules with my diet. However in spite of any short periods of “self abuse”, I have ALWAYS persisted in daily supplementation using the best quality/value, whole food based supplements I could find. Another key is I have built my daily supplement regimen on an understanding of the Importance of a FULL SPECTRUM foundation.

This is one of the unique principles that has worked wonders for me, but everyone is unique to some degree and while consuming something is better than nothing, when it comes to nutritional supplementation, here are some guidelines for achieving optimal, measurable results and progress.

Things that can interfere with optimal results…

  1. Not taking ALL of the 90 essential nutrients.
    Believe it or not, some people actually spend good money to purchase a healthy start pack and then put it on the shelf and never use it or only use it periodically and infrequently. You have to use it consistently in order to benefit fully from it. Alternatively, others pick and choose which of the 90 they use. For instance they will use the Tangy Tangerine but not the EFA’s or Osteo-FX. Youngevity’s healthy start packs are designed to be synergistic. This is another way of saying the sum of the whole is greater than the parts.
  2. Not taking the ALL of the 90 essential nutrients on a consistent, daily basis.
    Optimal results come from consistent, ongoing, daily consumption. We can’t supplement fractionally, partially and periodically and expect to experience the full benefits. It’s simply not enough. Also, results and benefits are cumulative over time so the longer and more consistently we persist the more benefit we experience.
  3. Not taking enough for our body weight.
    Many people (including myself) have gotten positive results with less than body weight dosages. Dr. Wallach established his optimal nutrient recommendations based on body weight (just like they do in the animal industry). This is not accidental or just profit driven, it’s based on research and results. While it is true that any amount is beneficial and better than nothing, it’s also true (especially in light of an existing health challenge) that if we are not getting enough, we’re not getting enough. We should always strive to reach the ideal body weight dosage in combination with eliminating the “bad foods” especially when attempting to overcome a chronic, degenerative health condition. This is one of the common, key factors I’ve noticed among those who have gotten the most impressive results.
    Note: If finances are an issue then consider becoming a representative to receive ongoing, repeat, residual income each month from all your referrals (and their referrals etc). In time, the commissions can completely cover the required monthly investment. It’s a great compensation perk that GNC and other health food stores don’t provide to us.
  4. Not taking the right formula combination for your particular needs.
    It’s important to dial in your regimen based on the needs and responses of your body over at least 30 days and more optimally 90 days. I’ve encountered many cases where the supplement formulas have to be refined and “tweaked” to get them just right. I myself alter mine periodically depending on what my body is telling me but I ALWAYS build upon the healthy start pack as a foundation.
  5. Not consuming the nutrient formulas for a long enough period of time.
    Nature takes time. You can’t expect drug like results from nutrients. The MINIMUM required test period is 90 days in order to experience some sort of confirmation from your body that you are headed in the right direction. Some people have taken as much as two years (or more) to get full relief for a particular condition.
  6. Consuming too much of the bad foods and not enough of the good ones.
    If you are eating all the wrong things while supplementing it’s like pouring optimal nutrition into a bucket while punching holes in the bottom of it at the same time. The benefit is still there but it could take much longer to manifest itself.

Things that help assure optimal results…

The solution is simple theory but not necessarily “easy” in practice for some. So I have to ask you a critically important health question. The same question I ask myself often…


One thing is certain, if you aren’t willing to invest time, effort and money into your health, nobody else is going to. So below is the simple health formula and a video by Dr. Peter Glidden explaining it in greater detail. This is what works for me and has/is working wonders for so many others. They ONLY real skeptics are those who haven’t done it or aren’t doing it properly.

  1. Detoxify (as necessary) and replenish the friendly bacteria in your intestinal system.
    If our digestive system is compromised, we will not be able to absorb the nutrients we consume efficiently and optimally. To get the most benefit from nutrition and food supplementation we must take care of our digestive system.
  2. Eliminate toxic, inflammatory, carcinogenic, processed and antagonistic foods and liquids from our diet (as much as possible).
    If we are tearing down while we build up it could lead to a “stalemate” situation. Better than not supplementing at all but never reaching that ideal level of health and wellbeing.
  3. Nutrify the body with ALL 90 ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS according to body weight on a consistent daily basis (it’s a way of life)
    This is the ultimate foundational goal to aim for. Start with what you can but always strive to consume as close to the ideal body weight dosage as possible.
  4. Rince and Repeat DAILY (don’t slack off, quit or allow ourselves to become distracted)

I propose that HEALTH is our most valuable commodity. With it we can potentially accomplish almost anything in life. Without it we can do nothing but struggle to survive and live comfortably while waiting for the inevitable outcome.

So again I ask: What is optimal health worth to you? and more importantly… “Do you actually believe that you can experience health and healing without relying on drugs and surgery to simply suppress the symptoms of dis-ease and manage the condition so you can live with it until you die?

For me, the answer has been obvious and so far it’s worked for myself and most others who have applied the Youngevity protocols properly, accurately and consistently. Health is a choice, a discipline and a conviction. No, I don’t have a perfect diet yet but I’m alot closer to it than I was and I’m still way above “average”. I’ve experienced periods of extreme self abuse in my life, but though it all, I’ve supplemented wisely and consistently. I’ve invested the money and applied the discipline to the best of my ability with wonderful results. I believe ou can too if you CHOOSE to.

Here’s Dr. Glidden…

Dr. Wallach Credentials
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Dr. Wallach’s research into the cause and prevention of disease with nutrition started many decades ago. His company, Youngevity (previously American Longevity) has was founded in 1997.

Youngevity is a rapidly growing natural health and wellness company that has maintained an A+ rating with the BBB since inception. It is ranked in the Direct Sales Industry among the top 100 direct sales companies in the world and among the top 50 in the USA.

The nutritional formulations are based 12 years of actual field research that was funded by the National Institutes of health, and are backed up by real ongoing nutritional science research, clinically tested, 3rd party verified and endorsed and used by numerous Naturopathic Physicians (ask me for documentation and references). Tens of thousands of people all over the world attest to the effectiveness of these formulas and protocols for supporting and promoting optimal health and healing.

However, in order to get optimal results, they have to be used properly and consistently. Although consuming any amount of the 90 essential nutrients can be very beneficial (many people report amazing results with less than optimal dosages or dietary changes). In order to produce optimal results the ideal scenario is to use the right formulas according to body weight in combination with the dietary protocols. Thousands of people all over the world have reported total health transformations following this advice. The choice is ours.