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If you’ve been a fan of natural health and healing techniques for any length of time you’ve undoubtedly heard something about colloidal silver. The skeptics say there is no testing, research or evidence of it’s use, safety or effectiveness. However actual research reveals this statement is either uninformed (at best) or misleading and false (at worst).

In point of fact, According to the Forensic Science and Medicine 2003 report entitled Dietary Supplements Pharmacology and Toxicology…

Colloidal silver proteins were marketed as “patent medicines” in the 1880s for treatment of tetanus, rheumatism, and other disorders. In the first part of the 20th century, they were used to treat the common cold and gonorrhea. Marketing of colloidal silver emerged again around 1990 (Fung et al., 1995). In the fall of 2001, reports of bioterrorism attacks using anthrax sent through the U.S. mail prompted the mayor of Howie-in-the-Hills, Florida to officially endorse the use of colloidal silver by townspeople to prevent anthrax.

In the Early 1920’s Silver was recognized and approved by the FDA and used extensively in medicine as an antibiotic, until the pharmaceutical industry came out with  antibiotics which were patent-able and more profitable (not necessarily more effective). Since silver is a natural trace mineral it cannot be patented and monopolized.

Silver actually has a very interesting and colorful history:

A little sincere research will reveal volumes of historical information, clinical tests and modern medical, disinfectant use applications of silver. It’s also important to keep in mind that here are MANY different types or forms of silver (silver nitrate, silver chloride, ionic silver, colloidal silver etc). Some are useful and “non toxic”, others aren’t. I’ve included some links to volumes of information on the silver topic below for your reference.

A few links for further information & research…

My Complexion
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My Personal Experience with Colloidal and Ionic Silver

I myself have been using ionic and/or colloidal silver on and off since I was a teenager (about 40 years). For me, it works like a charm to eliminate tooth abscesses and infection within 3 days or so. In fact whenever I’m told I need antibiotics of any kind I simply whip up a batch of colloidal silver. With the exception of a couple extremely rare and unique cases, I haven’t had to resort to pharmaceutical antibiotics in over 30 years and I attribute this to my use of colloidal silver!

For me, colloidal silver does the trick and no, I haven’t turned blue. In fact my complexion is an almost flawless rosy pink and I’m frequently complimented on it. (See recent image of my 58 year old skin and complexion shown at left).

Exposing The “Blue Man” Colloidal Silver Myth

Blue ManThe “blue man” topic is addressed in the report available through the link below. The “blue man” story was actually either unintentionally or intentionally misleading due to the omission of highly relevant factual details regarding:

a. The processing method and ingredients used to make the silver

b. The resulting Silver Chloride produced and PPM of the finished product

c. The EXCESSIVE Volume that was consistantly consumed over a LONG period of time

When colloidal silver is produced and used properly, by an informed and educated individual, this blue skin scare tactic turns out to be nothing more than FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)… and a non-issue.

Colloidal Silver Blue Man Story MisleadingClick Here to Review Disclosure Report

I highly recommend you research this fascinating topic for yourself. If you do, I’m convinced that like myself and many others you may come to the conclusion that colloidal silver may qualify as an INVALUABLE addition to any natural home remedy medicine kit. After all, when used wisely, Nature Nurtures and Promotes Natural Healing Processes in Our Bodies.

sovereignsilver-10ppmTwo ways to acquire Colloidal Silver

  1. Buy it in Solution Form (best for occasional use)
  2. Manufacture Your Own (best for more frequent or lifetime use)

My Favorite Brands of Commercial Colloidal Silver

When I was purchasing Retail Colloidal Silver products. The two I relied on most and had the best results with were:

1. Sovereign Silver

2. Silver Biotics

Keep in mind that commercial brands of Colloidal silver aren’t cheap. For the rare or occasional user, purchasing a colloidal silver solution may be your best and most economical choice. However if you intend to use it more frequently or on an ongoing basis for you and your family (when and if necessary), then investing in a high quality colloidal silver generator and making your own is the best way to get colloidal silver at a significant long term savings! That is what I did and I can make thousands of gallons for just pennies on the dollar compared to purchasing it pre-made.

EXAMPLE: Colloidal silver costs aprox. $100 to $200 per gallon or $25.00 for an 8oz. bottle. It costs aprox. $2.00 per gallon to make your own. However investing in quality colloidal silver manufacturing equipment can cost anywhere from $50.00 to $500.00 initially for the equipment (the silver lungs system will make aprox 10,000 gallons of Top quality colloidal and/or ionic silver solution). A $400 investment to make $1,000,000 or more worth of commercial colloidal silver! That’s a lifetime supply for you, your family and everyone you know, love and care about for pennies on the dollar.

How To Do It Yourself, Home Made Ionic and/or Colloidal Silver

Making Colloidal Silver At Home…

You can make colloidal silver yourself at home. I’m going to list three ways starting from the most economical corresponding with what I consider to be a “ok”, “better” and “the best” method. Any will work, it all depends on your budget and how important quality, purity and accuracy is to you.

One thing I want to stress is with ANY of the following methods you do NOT add salt or anything else to your water. Always use pure, distilled water. It may take a bit more time but you will produce the purest product and not have to worry about the “blue man” effect. Plus, I strongly recommend getting a Digital Water Quality PPM meter so you can target the finished product’s silver parts per million level. My research shows that 10PPM is good for ingestion and 20PPM for topical (external) use.

Great Article: Making and Using Genuine Colloidal Silver

Method One – Purchase a Basic Ionic Silver Generator


Notice: NEVER use saline or salt as a catalyst. This is a mistake the “Blue Man” made which results in silver chloride. Only use pure, distilled water and pure silver wire or rods.

Method Two “BEST” – Purchase a Top Quality, Professional Medical Grade Colloidal AND/OR Ionic Silver Generator

THIS IS THE ONE I OWN AND USE: If you’re serious about silver (like me), and want a lifetime supply of the very best internal and topical, colloidal and/or ionic silver for ongoing personal use and sharing with those you love and care about, then investing in a SilverLungs, professional colloidal silver generator makes sense. This is my product of choice. Click the banner below for detailed information regarding this outstanding, professional grade piece of equipment.

Silver Lungs Colloidal Silver

My Favorite Quality Colloidal and Ionic Silver Generator

There are many silver generators on the market. Like anything else there are poor, good, better and best. As a perfectionist, I like to do the research in order to get the best bang for my buck. Which is why I use the Youngevity 90 For Life Healthy Start Pack as the foundation of my supplement regimen. It’s a highly bio-available, science based FULL SPECTRUM supplement formula that contains EVERY essential nutrient the body needs for optimal health including trace minerals (important), and when it comes to colloidal silver generators many factors must be considered. Molecular silver particle size, PPM, the type of silver produced (colloidal, ionic, nano), the delivery system etc.

The product I use and recommend to others is The Silver Lungs System. There are others that are cheaper (as low as $60) however based on my research, there are none better when it comes to the quality and purity of the finished product and when it comes to my health I don’t like to gamble or compromise due to price. One thing the Silver Lungs system does that others don’t is it provides you with a method to change ionic silver into true colloidal silver. Typical silver generators produce ionic silver.

Silver Lungs Generator
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Maker of the Silver Lungs Generator Talks About Colloidal and Ionic Silver

I highly recommend this video interview of Mario Cafildi (the maker of the silver lungs colloidal silver generator) for important information on colloidal silver in general. It also covers the ionic vs. colloidal silver topic and the “blue man” issue in more detail. Invaluable information on the topic, not just a promotional video. Has some of the best educational information on the facts regarding true Colloidal Silver.

Informative Colloidal Silver Radio Interview of Mario Cafildi