KNOW Your Objective and Your Options

To get the most value and benefit from your association with Youngevity, it’s important to clarify your objectives and know your options. The ideal entry level option for you is determined by your personal goal or objective.

There Are 4 Ways to Join Youngevity

It’s important for you to understand the difference, benefits and limitations of each BEFORE you decide which to choose. Talk to your sponsor.

They are:

  1. Preferred Customer –  Cost: FREE
    Benefits: To improve your health and save aprox. 30% on the product purchases. You can also receive FREE product incentives by referring others.

  2. Independent Distributor (Dist)
    Investment: Basic Distributor Kit: $25.00
    Benefits: Save Money on products – Get company to pay for your products – Earn a good, part time residual (second) income.

  3. Independent Marketing Director (IMD)
    Investment: Distributor Kit & Healthy Start Pack: $150.00 – Plus a monthly autoship for one healthy start pack.
    Benefits: Save, Earn and fully qualify yourself immediately for all quick start bonuses (75% of your income potential intitially). Earn FREE healthy start packs.

  4. CEO Qualified Independent Marketing Director (CEO/IMD)
    Investment: CEO Mega Package: $499.00 
    (plus tax & shipping) “One Time Purchase” Plus a monthly autoship for one healthy start pack.
    Benefits: Unlocks the Full Unlimited Income Potential of the compensation plan (extra CEO coding bonuses, paid vacations, infinity bonuses, fast start bonuses, car bonuses, etc) and build CEO level income as fast as possible. (The Ideal choice for serious, fully committed entrepreneurs). ALL top income earners are CEO Qualified!

Notice: You can upgrade to CEO at any time. However CEO benefits are NOT retroactive and begin after you upgrade.


CLICK HERE to View/Print Distributor

Entry Level Options/Benefits Chart

To join Youngevity as a preferred customer or distributor
contact the person who introduced you!

Ask them to sponsor you or visit their Youngevity Distributor web site and click the “Join” button at the top right of the web page. If you need help, give them a call, they will be happy to help you and answer your questions.

CEO Mega Pack
There are Various CEO Packs to Choose From

CEO Level Considerations: You can come in at the CEO level or upgrade to CEO at any time with a one time purchase of the CEO Package. However CEO level benefits only kick in AFTER you upgrade and are not retroactive.

If your objective is to build a serious long term, full time residual income with Youngevity, you should either come in at the CEO level or upgrade to CEO As soon as you qualify as a Regional Marketing Director. This is important in order to experience the full income potential of the compensation plan, and will be explained in more detail below.

FOR EXAMPLE: I came in at the basic distributor level due to financial restraints. However I saved my commissions and the month I hit the rank of Regional Marketing Director or RMD (my 3rd month) I  applied a percentage of them to upgrading myself to the CEO level by purchasing a CEO Mega Pack.

The RMD level is where you first qualify for the CEO Coding Bonuses, if you are CEO Qualified. By upgrading to CEO the month I qualified as an RMD, I’ve qualified myself for these coding bonuses which will eventually become my biggest source of income during the next leadership phase of my growth while I build my residual income.

CEO Qualification Requires a ONE TIME PURCHASE of any CEO Mega-Pack.

Notice: Don’t worry if you don’t understand this now, you will, in the meantime, just trust me on this.

The great thing about the Youngevity Compensation plan is it includes 10 different types of compensation to hold you over and reward you fast while you build. However you are only qualified to receive all 10 types if you are a CEO qualified representative. To learn more about Youngevity’s UNRIVALED compensation plan CLICK HERE

How to Join at Basic Distributor Level

To join as a distributor contact the person who introduced you to Youngevity
Ask them to sponsor you or visit their Youngevity Distributor web site and click the “Join” button at the top right of the web page.
If you need help, give them a call, they will be happy to help you and answer your questions.

If you choose the distributor option you will receive a basic distributor kit for $25.00. During your signup process, you want to place on order for the healthy body package appropriate for your particular health goals. You should be given the option to put it on AUTO SHIP. Make sure you do. You will only be charged for one healthy start pack because the autoship won’t start until the next month. Beginning 30 days later and each month thereafter you will be charged for and receive another healthy body pack. If you don’t see this option by the time you check out, log back into your back office and setup our auto ship for at least 100 PQV (personal qualifying volume).

Note: PV = Personal Volume – QV = Qualifying Volume – PQV = Personal Qualifying Volume (they are the same)

Short, Medium & Long Term Income Sources in Youngevity:

  • Fast start and quick start bonuses make up most of your immediate and short term income
  • CEO Coding and Infinity Bonuses add significant medium/long term income
  • Uni-level residual income is great long term ongoing retirement income.

If you choose to become a Distributor or Representative make sure you fully qualify yourself for all Quick Start Bonuses and FREE Healthy Start Packs by putting ANY healthy start pack on AUTOSHIP (how to do this is described later in these tutorials).

My income Pie


WHY? Well in addition to the FREE shipping you get with any autoship order over $50. Check out the image to the left. Notice the difference between the fast and quick start bonuses and the Unilevel (residual). If I wasn’t on auto ship I would have passed a large percentage of these bonuses up line and only made about $50.

Autoship qualifies you for quick start bonuses which will comprise aprox 80% of your income in the initial phase of your Youngevity business. For example, because I am on auto ship of at least 100 PQV (have been from day one) Instead of $346 in commissions, I made about $900 in my first 3 months in the business AND qualified for two FREE Healthy Start Packs ($250 deducted from my autoship totals). Do the math… enough said.

Most of your commissions in the beginning stages of building your Youngevity business will come in the form of quick start and fast start bonuses. To qualify for quick start bonuses you must have an auto ship on file for at least 100pqv (personal qualifying volume) to qualify for FREE health start packs you must have any healthy start pack on autoship.



If you don’t setup this auto ship you will leave the vast majority of your income on the table. Quick start and fast start bonuses are what will support you while you build your unilevel residual income which takes time to build.

Having an Auto Ship also benefits you in other ways:

  1. Saves you shipping costs. you get FREE shipping on any auto ship order of $50 or more
  2. Assures that you never miss a day of supplementation. Your supplements arrive just in time to continue uninterrupted each month
  3. Saves you the time, hassle and effort of having to login and manually place your order each month
  4. Set’s the lead by example your sponsored reps will follow

Coming in at the basic distributor level is fine but be sure to upgrade to CEO the month you qualify as an RMD.

How to Join at the CEO Level

To join as a distributor contact the person who introduced you to Youngevity
Ask them to sponsor you or visit their Youngevity Distributor web site and click the “Join” button at the top right of the web page.
If you need help, give them a call, they will be happy to help you and answer your questions.

If nobody introduced you and you found this information on your own
I will be happy to achieve whatever your objectives are as a customer or a representative.
You can call me: Mark Hamilton at 602-762-0274, Email Me or Visit by business overview site here. If you fill out and submit the form I will give you a call.

During your registration as a representative when it comes time to place your order, order the CEO Mega Pack. You will automatically be registered for an autoship of a healthy body pack. You can change your autoship in your online back office area or by calling customer support.

Benefits of Being a CEO Qualified Representative:

  1. Provides $500+ worth of products and samples to use, give out samples or sell.
  2. Unleashes the full payout potential compensation plan qualifying you for all benefits associated with each rank.
  3. Qualifies you for CEO coding infinity bonuses which will become a MAJOR part of your income over time.
  4. Set’s the leadership example your representatives will follow!

All top income earners in Youngevity are CEO qualified. The majority of them came in at the CEO level. Reps that join at the CEO level have a vested interest to get their investment back. Sponsor 4 CEO’s and you have your investment back and then some. It’s not that difficult. First convince yourself of the value of the CEO level then it will be easy to transfer that belief and example to others. Make sure your new business prospects know the difference between basic reps and ceo reps.

Food for thought: A time tested way for people to get into business for themselves without the risk associated with starting their own company from scratch is called Franchising. To own a franchise you would have to invest $50,000 to $500,000 or more. Network marketing provides a greater time and income freedom potential than franchising and entry is around $500.00 at the CEO level. Doesn’t sound so expensive now does it?

CONCLUSION: The ideal way to join Youngevity as a business builder is at the CEO level. However coming in at the basic rep level is fine assuming you upgrade to CEO ASAP and AT LEAST by the time you hit the RMD level in order to get those CEO Coding bonuses on all legs you develop at that time. You still have to do the work and build your organization however by doing things this way you will MAX OUT the compensation plan potential and get every bonus and incentive possible. The most return for your efforts in other words. DO IT and teach your people to do it and you will experience all the prosperity Youngevity has to offer… and it’s alot. I’ve never been able to build and grow this fast in any other Network Marketing company and I’ve tried a few times over the course of my life. From what I can see, Youngevity has the most generous and well thought out compensation plan I’ve come across and if you are going to make it happen anywhere, it’s going to be here. But YOU still have to learn to do it right then put in the time, energy and consistent effort necessary to succeed.

Remember I’m here to help and support you. All you have to do is ask! I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Top!

To your success, prosperity and lifestyle freedom!

Mark Hamilton – (602) 752-0274