Don’t reinvent the wheel. Follow a Proven System & Use 3rd Party Tools to Keep It Simple & Easy to Duplicate!

RULE #2: The Ultimate Key to Business & Product Sales Success is.. DO NOT SELL.

Sounds very Zen doesn’t it? But it’s TRUE! Besides, most of us don’t want to be sales people anyway. ESPECIALLY when it comes to the people we know, love and care about. So Rule #2 should come as a relief. Don’t Sell! Learn how to effectively communicate, ask questions, listen, then provide solutions in the form of a video or audio. Then followup. We share important information that matters, with people who actually care!

Your main challenge will always be that… Some people actually care and some really don’t. So your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to continuously prospect in order to locate and identify people who actually do care. It’s a numbers game. Keep in mind that they are out there and someone is going to find them and help them change their health and finances. They are the Youngevity leaders of the future. The only question is are YOU going to sponsor them or is someone else? Think about it because this is the cold, hard TRUTH.

How do we accomplish this? Simply by communicating SINCERELY, asking the right questions, listening intently to their answers and offering real solutions in the form of 3rd party tools and information (videos, audios, 3 way calls and events). We are in effect concierges who direct people to real solutions that help them solve their health and financial challenges. Read that again, than watch the following video…


Video Link to Promote 90 For Life Nutritional Products:

NEXT, After they’ve watched the video they will have questions so CALL THEM (review video above for how to do this) and answer their questions then let them know their options (preferred customer or independent representative)

If you’re not sure what to say or do with them, then 3 WAY CALL THEM INTO YOUR UPLINE when you followup with them and they will set the example of how to sponsor them effectively. Watch, Listen and Learn… Duplicate This. It’s easier than you think and there is nothing to it but to DO IT!

REMEMBER: Ask questions and Listen to your prospects to identify and qualify their needs and desires. Then provide them with information that provides the solution to their needs. Don’t sell! Use questions, Listen, Inform, Educate and use the tools. Don’t be the expert. Direct them to the expert in the form of a video, audio, website or document. Provide them with the right information in the right way and they will sell themselves. Than 3 way call them into your nearest upline leader. You can do this if you really want to. Educate yourself, Practice and Refine your approach! This business is about caring and sharing things that matter with people who care.

RULE #3: If you’re Not Achieving Good, Measurable Results… Refer To and Follow The Golden Rule!


Marketing tools are important. Tell a person something and they tend to forget it in a short period of time. When you hand a person a flyer, CD or DVD and they are less likely to forget it. Especially if you FOLLOW UP WITH THEM!

If you use the right approach to lend them the CD or DVD and then you FOLLOW UP with them regarding the information, you will have the best result and greatest return on your effort.

If you keep your introductions SIMPLE and DUPLICATABLE and use the RIGHT TOOLS, you can more easily multiply your efforts through others in your organization and grow your organization steadily and ultimately EXPONENTIALLY!

Here are some links to what I think are some of the best tools to use to share the Youngevity products and opportunity. Below the list of tools you will find links to the actual techniques you can use to share these wonderful products and our life enhancing opportunity…

  1. Youngevity Personalized Business Cards
  2. 3rd party generic “why use nutritional supplements” and “why we get sick” brochures
    These brochures are great to hand out with a CD/DVD and your business card
  3. Best of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie CD by Dr. Wallach
    This is one of the best CD’s to hand out initially related to health problems and Youngevity full spectrum nutritional health approach
  4. Who Made MD’s King CD by Dr. Glidden
    A great introduction or followup to Dead Doctors Don’t Lie – Focus is on the limitations of Allopathic Medicine
  5. Healing is Easy by Dr. Glidden
  6. Product Brosures/Flyers
    You can purchase professionally printed flyers or download .pdf versions and print them (ideally) on glossy card stock with a color printer. Then print labels with your contact information on them to stick on the flyers, CD.s and DVD’s.Purchase Flyers, CD’s & DVD’s:
  7. Download and Print Flyers and Brosures:

Business Introduction Tools

  1. Pitcock Financial Freedom DVD
    This is a great video to use to introduce the Youngevity business opportunity

    You can watch/download this video on

Network Marketing Facts & Information

Network Marketing is the new Franchising. It eliminates the expense and the risks of traditional businesses and provides a realistic path to true financial and time freedom for those who pursue it properly. It’s been called “The business of the 21st Century” by financial experts and provides the most effective method for average people to achieve financial independence in today’s economic climate. Get the FACTS and dispel the myths via the link below:

Proven Prospecting Techniques

  1. How to effectively prospect and recruit new Youngevity Preferred Customers – CLICK HERE
  2. How to effectively prospect and recruit new Youngevity Representatives – CLICK HERE

Also remember if you are in my organization, you can call me for personal coaching, support and assistance building your organization. I’m 100% committed to the success of everyone in my Youngevity group!

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