How I discovered the value of diet & nutritional supplementation

Me With Mom and Dad
Me with my Mom & Dad

I was raised in Southern California in an upper middle class family (when that actually meant something). My Dad was a pharmaceutical chemist and a plant manager for a large company known as International Chemical and Nuclear (ICN). My Mother was a professional legal secretary for a large law firm.

When I was 12 years old my Mother took ill with cancer. She suffered for 5 years through chemo and radiation and 5 major operations and was finally killed by the treatment itself. Needless to say, this experience devastated my family emotionally, socially and financially. We ended up broke and broken.

During her decline things looked hopeless and I felt helpless. A couple years into her suffering I couldn’t take it anymore and I set out on a quest to find out what caused cancer and how to heal or prevent it. I was 14 years old at the time. I went to the library and read everything I could. I even approached total strangers who looked particularly healthy and asked them what they did to stay healthy etc. I was determined to help my Mom and ease her suffering.

Long story short, my search at the time indicated that an organic, non-toxic, natural, whole food (possibly vegetarian at least temporarily) diet combined with ample amounts of full spectrum of high potency, high quality, absorbable and bio-available whole food supplements, lots of anti-oxidants, raw food juicing and specific medicinal herbs might help her.

Unfortunately due to my Dad’s Pharmaceutical indoctrination I was unable to convince my parents to try the alternative remedies. However, I became convinced that Natural healthy food in general and high quality nutritional supplementation in particular were the keys to establishing and maintaining optimal health. I was also aware of the progressive depletion of our soils and the idea that it wasn’t possible to obtain optimal levels of nutrients from the food we eat alone. So I became a vegetarian (at the time) and a health food nut and started looking for the best whole food based supplements available. At the time, my research ultimately led me to Dr. Shaklee and the Shaklee Corporation and I started supplementing very seriously. I was 17 years old. I didn’t care about the price. I cared about the quality, value and actual effectiveness, just the same as I do to this day.

Nutritional health meeting room
One of my Clinic’s Health Meeting Rooms

Eventually I got involved in the natural health industry as a clinical hypnotherapist. Over the years I had two of my own clinics and one thing I did differently than my hypnotherapists is I incorporated nutrition and held nutritional education meetings and also marketed high quality food supplements out of my clinics. Over the years I’ve helped others to learn and experience the value of whole foods and high quality, full spectrum nutritional supplementation and witnessed many amazing health transformations as a result so nobody has had to “sell me” on the value of a non-toxic, whole food diet and nutritional supplementation.

My Personal Natural Healing Experience

In my 30’s and 40’s I was a professional headline entertainer. A comedy magician, illusionist and stage hypnotist to be exact. At the end of one of my performances that took place outdoors in a concrete pool deck, I was concluding the show and a prop I was standing on failed. I came down on the pool deck, twisted my ankle and the bone that protrudes from the outside of my left foot hit the concrete and broke. You could hear the crack from the other side of the pool. The pain was excruciating and I couldn’t walk. I knew intuitively I had broken my first bone. Apparently it was a central pivotal bone the others put pressure on and require in order to be able to flex and walk.

Casa Blanca CasinoI actually finished the show sitting down and afterward, my assistants carried me to the car and took me to the hospital emergency room. They X-rayed by foot and the tech said it was just sprained and they could cast it up and I could go home, but I KNEW it was broken. I’d never felt shocking pain like that before and my body was telling me it was seriously damaged.

Fortunately I was close friends with one of the most respected MD’s in town (he came to my hypnosis shows and his wife and one of his nurses came to my hypnotherapy clinic to stop smoking). So I called him and told him the situation and he offered to come to the hospital and examine the X-rays himself. When he arrived he asked to see my X-Rays. The tech took him to the light box and said “see, just sprained”. Dr. Zang took a quick glance and said “no it’s broken” and proceeded to point out the hairline fracture to the X-Ray tech then turned to me and said “Yes Mark, you broke it” I thanked him, and asked him how much I owe him, he smiled and said “don’t worry about it” and left (thank you Dr. Zang).

At this point the X-Ray tech gathered up my X-Rays and left the room. He went upstairs to the Surgical department to consult with a surgeon regarding my foot. He returned shortly and told me they were going to have to operate and put a pin in my foot and I’d have to stay for a day or two. The surgery at the time was right around $4000 to $5000. I told him, “a few minutes ago you told me it wasn’t even broken so before I follow your advice I want to talk with the MD that will be doing the surgery, about my condition”.

Now I have to digress a bit because my decision to do what what follows was based partly on a chance meeting I had with a fairly famous natural energy healer I met a couple months earlier. I was living in Gisela Arizona at the time and a new couple had recently moved into the neighborhood. There was a rumor going around town that the husband had been hailed by the media as a natural healer since childhood and had produced amazing results with animals and eventually humans by laying his hands on them. He was apparently taking a break (on sabbatical) and focusing on self healing. I met him in the local neighborhood restaurant/bar and he knew I was a hypnotherapist and told me his wife would like to stop smoking. I gave him my card and told him to call me and set an appointment and that was the end of it. Ok, now back to the story, and you will understand how this fits in in a moment…

Flamingo HiltonThe Surgeon came down and told me I needed a pin due to the type of break or it was possible I wouldn’t be able to walk. I was contemplating whether to have the surgery or to try going the natural healing route using mega doses of nutrients (particularly bone building nutrients and protein), self hypnosis and the help of the hands on healing guy I recently met. I’d done some research on him and knew he was respected as the real deal and not just some new age Sedona based quack.

With this in mind I asked the Surgeon to give me a best case worse case scenario both WITH and WITHOUT the surgery. He basically gave me the SAME SCENARIO either way. So I said “so you are telling me it’s possible I could have the same benefits or problems either way I go?”. He said correct but I was much less likely to have the problems with the surgery and without it I was much more likely not to walk. So I asked him. “If I was going to wait before making a decision about the surgery how long do I have”. He told me I needed to do it ASAP but ultimately said if I stayed off of it and didn’t move anything I could probably delay it for a week or two at most. So here is what I told him. I’d like to put a temporary cast on it and come back in a week to 10 days to have another X-Ray. I’d like YOU to look at my X-Ray at that time and if you can look me in the eye and tell me I that I honestly still NEED the Surgery I will have you do it. He wasn’t crazy about the idea and probably thought I was nuts but he agreed. I asked for a blue cast and got one.

As soon as I got home I called the natural healing guy and told him if he would do his thing on my leg. I would hypnotize his wife to stop smoking at no charge. He agreed and we set an appointment for him to come to my clinic and do his thing (I had no idea what that was). I then called my friends and an RN who was an associate of mine that I was training to become a hypnotherapist and told them what was going to take place and when. Everyone was excited and eager to witness this session. I also immediately started LOADING on nutrients, full spectrum, whole food based with extra calcium, magnesium, protein etc for the bones….

Healing HandsThe day came and we were all at the clinic when he arrived. I had not told him what part of my foot or ankle was broken and the cast covered my whole foot and lower leg up to mid calf. We made our introductions, extended polite greetings and then I sat in one of my hypnotherapy recliners. He grabbed a chair, sat down near my foot and proceeded to gently sweep his hands over the surface of the cast as if he was feeling for something. I kid you not… he finally stopped and pointed to the EXACT spot that suffered the trauma, looked at me and said “is it here”. I turned and looked at my nurse friend and her eyes were as big as moon pies. I said “yup”.

He then proceeded to take a deep breath, rest both hands on the spot and just before he closed his eyes he looked at me and said “this could take some time”. I replied “do your thing, I’m not going anywhere”. When he closed his eyes and started doing his thing, I followed suit and did the same thing. I closed my eyes and I used self hypnosis to instruct my bodies natural soldiers, workers and helpers as if they were a reconstruction crew, I imagined them transporting plaster, nutrients, cement etc and repairing the bone.

My friends who were there tell me that about an hour or so later we both opened our eyes at almost the same instant. He looked at me, smiled and said. “That’s all I can do for you Mark”. I thanked him and told him to have his wife call and set her appointment. He thanked me, said he would, excused himself and then he left.

What happened next was surprising even to me. The RN came over and put her hand on the spot where he had his resting, then RAPIDLY jerked her hand away in surprise and said “It’s HOT”. I replied “of course it is, he had his hands on it for an hour”. She said, “no, I mean it’s it’s abnormally hot to the touch”, so I touched it and she was right! It was almost uncomfortably hot to the touch in that one spot, but my foot didn’t feel hot to me in the cast. Strange but true! I’ll never forget this experience.

X-RayOk, so after 10 days of ongoing supplement loading I went back to the hospital for my X-Ray. I will never forget the doctors reaction. I’m sitting in the little room on the table with X-Ray on the light box. He walks in, struts up to the X-Ray, looks at it and does a very subtle double take (In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), we are trained to watch for minute changes in a persons physiology and I was watching him like a hawk). After about 20 seconds or so of very close and intense examination of the X-Ray, he turns, looks at me and said these 7 words. “I guess we can cast it up” and he left the room. It was obvious to me that he saw something he didn’t expect to see but he didn’t even ask me about it. I got my permanent cast (purple this time I believe), and I went home.

When the time came for the cast to come off my RN friend came over and cut it off and proceeded to do a couple weeks of physical therapy with me, pushing my foot to the extent of it’s flexibility and slowly increasing it over time.. rotating my ankle, massaging it etc. you gotta love a good nurse.

The end result? Other than very minor aches in the past on rare occasions when it’s going to rain, a bit less flexibility than the other ankle and appearing a but larger than the other ankle I’ve had no problems. I can walk, run, jump up and down, climb, hop etc. But here is the real kicker. I’ve been using Youngevity Healthy Body Pack for a year now. The other day I was looking at my bare feet and noticed the “swelling” in the ankle is gone, it looks just like the other one and at the same moment I realized it had been raining and I’ve had NO DISCOMFORT WHATSOEVER in this ankle. I’m honestly not sure exactly when these changes took place but I do know that it’s been since AFTER I started using the Youngevity products a year ago (at the time of this writing).

How I Discovered Dr. Wallach and Youngevity

Dead Doctors Don't LieIn the early to mid 1990’s I came across a audio cassette called Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie. It rang true to me and also made me aware of the value of trace minerals. I’d been using some trace minerals but not the full spectrum, plant based type of formula Dr. Wallach referred to. At the time the best plant based mineral formula available was the Clark Minerals which Dr. Wallach recommended. It’s the oldest nutrient formula on the market and it’s been around since the early 1900’s. I added them to my daily nutritional regimen and have continued more often than not to this day.

I pretty much “forgot” about Dr. Wallach for many years and around 2008 I went through a very tragic time of life with led to the proverbial “mid life crisis”. I won’t bore you with the details but it was a very challenging time of life financially and emotionally. I stopped supplementing because I couldn’t afford it at the time. I used to get my supplements from the health food store and always purchased the quality certified whole food types of supplements. My personal nutritional regimen was very similar to the basic healthy start pack Youngevity sells for $125.00 but it was costing me around $250.00 per month from the health food store and I was still falling short of a few of the nutrients in comparison.

Anyway, I came through the challenges and rebuilt my life. However a couple years later it dawned on me that although I wasn’t “sick”, I was generally tired and mildly depressed. I also was experiencing frequent red rashy breakouts on the skin of my face. It also dawned on me that I hadn’t been supplementing for about 2 years so I went to the health food store, loaded up and decided to hit the Internet and start researching supplement options to find what in my opinion, based my life experience are the best formulas and that is what ultimately led me to Youngevity. When I discovered Dr. Wallach was behind it, it was a no brainer. I jumped on it and decided to give the healthy start pack a try.

Best Nutritional ValueWhen I ran out of my health food store bought supplements I ordered the Healthy start pack and a bottle of the plant minerals from Youngevity. I’m pretty sensitive to my body and could feel an energy boost after just 3 days compared to the stuff I was getting from the health food store (for twice the price). Needless to say I was SOLD.

To be honest, I was initially mildly disappointed that Youngevity was a Network Marketing Company. Not that I have any problem with the concept but I’d sworn off Network Marketing years before due to many attempts during my life with limited success, companies folding etc. I should mention that I was/am also very familiar with Network Marketing because for a time I was the web developer for the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA). An industry oversight organization that helps to keep the industry honest, ethical and respected. I know the founder Doris Wood (who actually knew Dr. Shaklee) and have even spent spent the night on her guest couch at her home. I even performed for the MLMIA. So I’m very familiar with the industry and compensation plans etc.

However after a thorough research of the Company and compensation plan, and the fact that with Youngevity formulas, results seem to be the rule, rather than the exception. Shortly after joining the organization, the first person I shared the information with got great results with her blood sugar and now there are many others in my organization that are using the protocols according accurately and reporting amazing health benefits including weight loss among others, I began to realize this was not only a great company with excellent products, but that it made sense that the ideal way of distributing these life enriching products was through the people who actually use them, understand them and have benefited by them. Also upon closer scrutiny, I can say from experience that the compensation plan is one of the most generous I’ve evaluated over the years with 52 cents out of every dollar going back to the representatives in one form or another. So I became a Independent Representative in February 2015 and have never looked back.

On a more personal experience level, I can honestly say this business is it’s the easiest and most naturally growing network marketing business I’ve ever been involved in due in large part to the effectiveness of the products and the results people experience when they apply Dr. Wallach’s protocols properly. It just grows. I’ve earned and accomplished more with this company from a part time effort than any other network marketing opportunity I’ve been involved with (and I’ve tried many). So I decided to take it seriously, make a long term commitment, learn to do it right, set the right example and help others to improve their health and those in my organization to build their businesses successfully as well.

I thank God for leading me to Youngevity and I know I’m not alone in this. I’m 90 For life and I’m living it, loving it and sharing it with all who will listen. This is a great company with unrivaled nutritional formulas and the most intriguing albeit controversial story (Dr. Wallach) in the industry. However the facts speak for themselves. We are healing the world one open minded life at a time and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Has supplementation worked for me?

Clemson BTT ResultsWell although I’m no longer vegetarian and other than a couple years off during my mid life crisis period, I have been using high quality whole food supplements (not the crap they sell in the retail stores) for most of my life since I was 17 years old and I’ve never experienced any chronic or degenerative health problems to this day. I’m now 57 years old, slender, almost always feel great, have abundant energy, no aches or pains or degenerative symptoms of any kind and I’ve NEVER required medical or pharmaceutical intervention other than a couple runs of antibiotics which I now primarily use Colloidal Silver for and is the only “medication” I have in my house.

I should also mention that my Dad finally DID get on the nutritional bandwagon for the last 30 years of his life. Synthetics at first, but I finally convinced him to go the natural route and spend the money. At 86 he was still perfectly healthy with no problems and could run and chase young kids around the yard in his tennis shoes and wrestle with them (I actually saw him doing this and thought, “I hope I fare as well“. He had NO HEALTH PROBLEMS OR COMPLAINTS! How did he die? He fell down a tall flight of narrow stairs that had no handrail and broke his back.

I met many others throughout my life and travels who have enjoyed an amazing state of consistent health who all shared the same thing in common. A Natural non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-inflammatory whole food diet combined with HIGH QUALITY nutritional supplementation, particularly now that I’m a member of the Youngevity Nation. Coincidence? Placebo?, Mass Hypnosis? Tens of thousands of people all around the world who have transformed their lives and are now living it, loving it and sharing it don’t think so. I believe it’s an idea who’s time has come and I invite you to join in our crusade to heal the world one life at a time though science based, clinically verified medical nutrition.

Dr. Glidden says it best: “Give the body everything it needs, all 90 essential nutrients, stop putting in the stuff that’s gumming up the works, get out of the way and let the body do what it does naturally… heal. As far as I’m concerned, based on my lifetime of nutritional research, when it comes to giving the body everything it needs, Nobody does it better than Youngevity!

If you are looking for an opportunity that is honest and ethical and will help you improve your health and finances and allow you to do the same for others, that’s what Youngevity is all about. If you desire a sponsor who will lead by example, train, educate and support your efforts, you’ve found it. Contact me or the Youngevity Representative who referred you to this information to get going and get growing by spreading the good news of science based, clinically verified medical nutrition.


Mark Hamilton - 57 Years Old
Mark Hamilton – April 6th 2016

Lifetime Days missed from work due to illness = ZERO

Lifetime Hospital & Medical Doctor Visits Required = TWO (one for a broken ankle and the other for a hernia operation when I was 13)

Lifetime Pharmaceuticals Needed = ONE (antibiotics primarily for dental related issues.. I used to LOVE sugar)

Current Aches, Pains or Noticeable health problems = NONE

I honestly feel great, have abundant energy, a general sense of well being and a clear complexion 99% of the time.

Coincidence? Genetics? or a Lifetime of High Quality, Full Spectrum Nutritional Supplementation?

To me and many of the people I’ve known and influenced in this area, the answer is obvious!

That’s my story in a nutshell.

Thank you for your time and attention!

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