How To Sign Up New Customers or Distributors

Through Your Main Company Reseller Site

This is how to do it through your main youngevity sales site at

EXAMPLE: My site is
(my username is mwh… “my initials”. What’s yours? Do you know? You should;-)

Through Your Reseller Site (Easiest Choice)

EXAMPLE: My site is my username is mwh)

Through Your Back Office

Note: You can also download the .pdf Application forms from the resource center on the main site then print them and have the new rep fill them out and give you a check made out to Youngevity (or cash), then mail it to the company… but with the Internet… WHY? lol

If you are a part of my group and you need any help or assistance with ANY OF THIS… just call me: Mark Hamilton (602) 752-0274