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BUYER BEWARE! There are tons of food supplement and vitamin brands on the market. Many are manufactured by opportunistic, profit motivated corporations whose objective is not to enhance our health, but to siphon large profits from the Multi-Billion dollar, highly consumable nutritional supplement industry. Vitamins & Herbs are constantly being removed from the retail marketplace for not containing what they list on the labels and some of them have actually proven to contain substances that are harmful.

Here is just one of many examples taken from the Washington Post and New York times:

The attorney general’s investigation was prompted by an article in the New York Times in 2013 that raised questions about widespread labeling fraud in the supplement industry. The article referred to research at the University of Guelph in Canada that found that as many as a third of herbal supplements tested did not contain the plants listed on their labels — only cheap fillers instead.




All Supplements are NOT Created Equally!

There are basically four types of supplements on the market

  1. Synthetic: (man made petroleum coal tar derivatives). This is the cheap stuff you find in most stores (Theragram M, Centrium, One a Day etc.)
  2. SemiSynthetic: A combination of Man Made and Natural Derivatives.
  3. Isolates or Fractional (incomplete) Nutrient Formulas
  4. Natural Whole Food Supplements: Whole food concentrates selected for their purity, quality, nutrient value and potency.

Natural Whole Food Based vs Synthetic Isolate Supplements


 People buy synthetic supplements for two primary reasons:

  1. Ignorance of, or a disregard for the real value and necessity of Whole Food Based Nutrition due to advertising and marketing propaganda.
  2. Because they are CHEAP… and in this case, you get what you pay for… namely, poor or negligible health benefits.

Synthetic supplements are man made chemical recreations of real natural organic nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They are created in a laboratory mostly from COAL TAR DERIVATIVES and lack the unknown factors found in nature, plus they ignore natures critical balance and synergy. In my opinion, this is BIG PHARMA attempting to monopolize and gain control over the whole food supplement industry.

Most Vitamins On The Market Are Synthetic Isolates


BUYER BEWARE: When last I checked, a vitamin supplement can be labeled “natural” and still be 90% synthetic. It only had to be aprox. 10% “derived” from nature to be legally labeled as a “Natural Vitamin”. I’m not sure what the current law is but I doubt it’s changed much. Check it out for yourself.

The common sense approach when it comes to FOOD SUPPLEMENTATION is to stay as close to nature as possible. We aren’t made to live on chemicals or man made artificial vitamins. Part of our declining health is due to the consumption of fast and processed foods, why would it be any different in our choice of the vitamins and minerals we supplement with and consume on a daily basis? In a severe nutritional deficiency health crisis, high doses of synthetic vitamins can be life saving for short periods of time when administered by a qualified professional, but synthetics are not what I would supplement with on a long term, regular basis to achieve and maintain and support optimal health. Some Semi-Synthetic blends have a purpose as well depending on multiple other factors, but the best source of nutrient in supplelments are PLANTS and ORGANIC MATTER… Whole food sourced nutrients are what our bodies were designed to consume and assimilate, not man made chemical reproductions. Much more can be said about the quality of the sources, the natural synergistic balance of the formulas, type of processing etc.

Only Vitamin You NeedMy life experience shows that in most cases, professional quality food supplements produce noticeable, measurable energy and health benefits to the person consuming them. However they aren’t “cheap”. Quality Costs!

The Overlooked Factor in Mainstream Supplements

Another thing virtually ALL main stream supplements are missing are Micronutrients (also known as Trace Minerals). Specifically, Plant Based Trace Minerals. Extensive research conducted by numerous credible sources since the 1930’s has confirmed the fact that our agricultural soils have become severely depleted of trace elements. We can no longer get these vital nutrient factors from our foods and we are suffering because of it. The vast majority of the supplements on the market do NOT contain plant based trace minerals and research indicates these trace elements make up about 60% of our daily nutritional requirements for maintaining optimal health. Many natural health experts agree that minerals are MORE IMPORTANT than vitamins and without them, the vitamins we consume can’t perform their functions optimally.

The most important questions you can answer/confirm for yourself about the creator(s) of the supplements are:

  1. What is the background, education, experience and qualifications of the person or organization responsible for formulating the supplements?
    How would that contribute to their ability to determine, identify and produce the highest quality and most effective food supplements possible?
  2. What type of actual research and real world application has been employed to confirm the effectiveness of their nutritional formulas?
  3. What actual RESULTS do their supplements produce in the lives of those who consume them?

Diseases of Exotic AnimalsI’ve used whole food based supplements most of my life and I’ve been fortunate thus far to have enjoyed excellent health without medical or pharmaceutical intervention. I’ve always done my due diligence research and used the best quality I could find beginning when I was a teenager when I used Shaklee supplements.

Based on my current research, the most compelling and impressive story in Nutritional Supplementation and Medical Nutrition is that of Dr. Joel Wallach and his company Youngevity. These are the supplements I trust, currently use and recommend to everyone I know and care about.

Youngevity supplements provide full spectrum, whole food based nutritional insurance. They are based on proven veterinary formulas that have been used successfully to reduce and eliminate hundreds of diseases in animals (that still plague humans) and double their lifespans. Dr. Wallach literally wrote the book on veterinary animal health using nutritional formulas. It is the recommended text book for zoos and wildlife preserves and is held in the Smithsonian Institute as a national treasure (see image at left). Dr. Wallach’s qualifications, background and nutritional research is UNEQUALED in the nutritional supplement industry.

Smithsonian Institute Reference Link:

I encourage you to research and discover Dr. Wallach’s history, background, research, experience, qualifications and mission if you desire a long and healthy life for yourself and those you love. Just watch the various videos on this site and contact me if you have questions or would like to get Dr. Wallach’s Healthy Body Formulas at 30% off the retail price.

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