In principle, prospecting a new customer is relatively easy because just about everyone needs and can benefit from Youngevity supplements. Most people are sick and tired. Just about everyone is nutritionally deficient and suffering from some sort of degenerative or chronic condition. The question isn’t whether or not they need and can benefit by what we have to offer. The question is how effectively you are able to determine their particular needs and provide them with a solution to those needs.

Your success sharing the value of the products will be based on the following:

  • The level of rapport you are able to establish with your prospect
  • The level of credibility you are able to establish with your prospect
  • How effectively you are able to identify their challenges and needs
  • How effectively you are able to present the solution to their needs
  • How well you use our proven tools (handouts etc)

The Personal Approach

The key to sharing the Youngevity solution is through intentional communication. LISTENING and ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Engage them in a conversation and get them talking about themselves. Ultimately directing the conversation to their lives and their health. They will eventually tell you what’s ailing them. Then offer them the solution. Here are some examples…

Dr. Glidden explains how to share Youngevity

Example #1:

After they’ve told you their health problem(s) say:

YOU: (Name) Do you consider yourself to be an open minded person?

THEM: Answer: Yes (who is going to say no?)

YOU: “I know a Dr. who was nominated for the nobel prize who says you don’t have to suffer with that condition. If I lend you a cd, will you listen to it?

THEM: What’s it about?

YOU: It reveals a natural solution to your problem that has transformed the lives and health of many others who have suffered with your condition. If I loan you this CD will you take the time to listen to it?

As you start to hand it to them, pull back and say: I need this back in a couple days and I only want to share this information with you if your interested in knowing about it. Are you willing to take the time to listen to and consider the information? (get a committment). OK, (hand it to them) if I call you (three days later) to pick it up, will you have had the time to listen to it?


YOU: Get their phone number and confirm… “OK, I will call you (day) to get your feedback and arrange to pick it up”

Note: The words can be your own but you get the idea. Get a commitment and loan it to them. If you give it to them there is no urgency to listen and most won’t!

Example #2: Personal Testimonial

Have your own health testimonial? Share it and invite them to discover the benefits for themselves.

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