Nutritional Health on a Budget

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There’s no getting around it. High quality, science based, medical grade, full spectrum whole food supplements cost more than their cheap isolated, synthetic or fractional formula counterparts.

Fortunately, with Youngevity there are ways to offset, significantly reduce, or even totally eliminate the cost of your monthly supplements. You can even get paid, ongoing residual income for referring the products to others. Something Health Food Stores will never do for you!

I will cover your options here, beginning with some of the more economical ways to get all 90 essential nutrients then explaining how you can get FREE Shipping, FREE healthy start packs and how to get Youngevity to pay for the total monthly cost of your supplements just like they do and have done for me (since my 2nd month with Youngevity).

YES, The company completely pays for all my supplements EACH AND EVERY MONTH.
Imagine getting hundreds of dollars worth of the finest supplements in the world, every month… for FREE!
Here are the exact steps you can take to do just that…

Reducing the cost of the 90 Essential Nutrients

As you probably know by now. According to Dr. Wallach’s extensive research and proven results first in animals then human beings, achieving and maintaining optimal health requires two things:

  1. Eliminate toxic, antagonistic, carcinogenic and inflammatory factors from the diet
    (see Dr. Gliddens 12 bad foods video)
  2. Consume ALL 90 Essential Nutrients daily, ideally according to body weight

When it comes to the 90 essential nutrients, the Cadillac of the Youngevity product line is ANY Healthy Body Start Pack (according to your particular concerns and objectives). When taken according to body weight (1 healthy start pack per 100lbs body weight per month), The healthy start pack gives you the most bang for the buck providing hundreds of nutritional factors that constitute everything the body needs to support and maintain optimal health. Don’t let this deter you, ANY amount of the 90 essentials is better than nothing!

So if bottom line budget is an issue for you currently, there are alternative ways to get all 90 essential nutrients to one degree or another for much less (to start with). I will let Dr. Peter Glidden explain how in the following short video….

Dr. Peter Glidden N.D. – Health on a Budget Presentation

Notice: The price for the healthy body start pac 2.0 liquid in the video is incorrect. The correct price is shown on the image below the video.


Health on a Budget

Explanation of health on budget image above

  1. Plant Derived minerals: Minerals, trace minerals and micro nutrients, make up 60% of the 90 essential nutrients. More importantly minerals are more important than vitamins and the ideal place to start if you have a very strict budget. Why? Minerals can perform their functions without the presence of vitamins but vitamins depend on the presence of minerals to perform optimally. So just taking the minerals will help you more effectively utilize the vitamins and other nutrients you get from food and other supplements. Plus it’s the trace minerals that are so depleted in our soils which make the plant derived minerals the most IMPORTANT part of the nutritional supplement equation. These should be the foundation of your nutritional supplement regemin. They are contained in all of Youngevity’s multiple nutrient formulas but are also available as a stand along and at $20 per quart bottle, they are very affordable. The ideal dosage level for the minerals is one bottle per 100lbs body weight per month.
  2. Ultimate Classic: is a comprehensive, highly absorbable multi-vitamin, multi-mineral liquid nutritional supplement. It contains some plant based trace minerals as well so it’s a natural upgrade to the plant derived minerals that includes more of the major nutrients and replaces over $200 worth of products if you purchased them in the health food store for much less of an investment. In clinical tests conducted by Clemson University, Ultimate Classic showed some very impressive improvements in cell cultures.
  3. Basic Mighty 90 Pack: The basic mighty 90 Pack provides all 90 essential nutrients however only small amounts of calcium and magnesium. Non the less, They are all in there including trace minerals and what Dr. Wallach calls “rare earths”. This makes these supplements unique among supplements. Dollar for dollar it is one of the best nutritional VALUES on the market when you consider the diversity of the nutritional factors it contains.
  4. Classic 90 Pack: Same as the basic only with more EFA’s. Essential fatty acids are very important for brain and cardiovascular health and this pack provides more of these essential fatty acids.
  5. Basic Mighty 90 + Cal Toddy: Same as #3 above but with added Calcium/Magnesium and the necessary co-factors required for optimal absorption and utilization by the body. Youngevity’s liquid calcium is highly absorbably when compared to most other brands of calcium due to the source, formula and it’s liquid delivery system.
  6. Classic 90 Pack + Cal Toddy: Same as #4 above with extra EFA’s.
  7. Healthy Body Pack 2.0 Liquid: This is the Cadillac of the line when it comes to nutritional supplements. Very advanced science based, clinically tested and third party verified. It’s what most serious supplementers who use Youngevity use as a foundational supplement protocol.


Free Shipping
Free shipping with Autoship

ELIMINATE shipping costs and Save More with AUTOSHIP

CUSTOMERS: Become a preferred customer and put any order of at least $50PV on autoship and receive 100% free shipping every month. Your products will arrive around the same time each month so you don’t have to repeatedly re-order plus you won’t pay ANY shipping charges.

REPRESENTATIVES: Put any order of at least 100 PV on autoship and get FREE shipping PLUS you quality for commissions on all referrals (customers or reps) in your organization, 3 levels deep.

FREE Youngevity Products

How to get FREE Healthy Start Packs

As a preferred customer or representative, Youngevity will send you a FREE Healthy Start pack the month following any and all months you refer three others who purchase ANY healthy start pack. In other words.. REFER 3 AND GET 1 FREE (I qualified for 4 free Healthy Start Packs my first 7 months in the business. The Healthy start pack on my auto ship was FREE.. Zero cost). It’s easier than it sounds. Again, ask GNC if they will do this for you.

Multiple Income StreamsGet the company to offset or completely pay for your supplements

Become a representative and share the good news of Science based, clinically verified medical nutrition. Youngevity pays the money that is usually spent on advertising, wholesalers, retailers and distribution to those who refer the products to others via word of mouth. This amounts to about 50 cents out of every dollar. Something the health food stores won’t do for you! Why refer repeat profits to someone elses business and secure someone elses future? Think of all the products you’ve referred to others because of how well they worked for you. Now imagine if you actually got paid for doing so and paid again and again every time they re-purchased and even got paid for any others they referred and so on, 8 levels deep! Check out Youngevity’s compensation plan here.


FREE upgrade
If you are a current preferred customer call customer support and ask them for the FREE August 2016 upgrade to implement this strategy.

Here is something you can do now to reduce your family’s monthly supplement expense…

  1. If you are a customer, upgrade to representative (It’s FREE to do this in August 2016)
  2. Sponsor your spouse and/or children as preferred customers (each with their own preferred customer account)
  3. Make sure YOU at the Rep have an autoship of at least 100PV setup (at least a healthy start pack)
  4. Purchase each of your family members products using their customer accounts. Remember 3 healthy start packs (from any new customers) will get you one for free, PLUS you will receive 30% commission on all orders placed by your new signups their first month then 8% for all future orders every month thereafter. Also, any of them on at least a 50 PV autoship will also receive FREE shipping. This can provide you with discounts, free product, rebates and commissions.

Contact me if you are in my group and have questions or need assistance setting this up.

Discover the difference Youngevity, full spectrum, whole food based supplements can make in your life.
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So there you have it. If you already use quality food supplements, imagine being able to use the BEST for FREE or actually get PAID to do what you probably already do. Use and recommend high quality, whole food supplements. If you do nothing else with Youngevity than just this, it provides extraordinary value, benefits and savings.

I invite you to join my team of health conscious, informed and transformed individuals and help us spread the word of greater health and financial security through science based, clinically verified naturopathic medical nutrition.

Please feel free to contact me personally for information and/or assistance with any of this…

To your health,

Mark Hamilton (602) 752-0274