Bone and joint health and repair is not only possible, but it's natural when the body is supplied with everything it needs to build and maintain healthy bones and joints!

The audios and videos on this page by famous Naturopathic Physicians (natural doctors), will give you a thorough, alternative Naturopathic viewpoint on the cause of bone and joint issues and how to support and promote optimal bone and joint health and your body's natural healing process.

First Listen to this short audio:
Dr. Joel Wallach about Arthritis & Osteoperosis


Dr. Peter Glidden ND Short Interview
Bone and Joint Problems - REAL Cause and Solution


Dr. Peter Glidden ND - Arthritis Bone/Joint Health Webinar


Dr. Peter Glidden ND - Osteoperosis Bone/Joint Health Webinar


Dr. Joel Wallach Healthy Bone and Joint Nutritional Recommendaton

Powerful Nutritional Formula for




Ultimate Killer Biotic

Ultimate Killer Biotic
Added in cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Plant Derived Minerals

Plant Based Trace Minerals

Dr. Megan Saunders ND
The Raw Materials in Our Formulas that Support the Rebuilding Cartilage and Bone

Important Notice: Youngevity products are distributed through direct sales (people to people). Dr. Wallach wanted people who use, understand and have experienced the benefits to share his products with those they know, love and care about. They are not sold in stores and there is NO comparison when it comes to quality and results. Dr. Wallach was on a healing crusade long before he chose his marketing outlet. I'm an independent distributor for Youngevity. Please consider allowing me to be your provider, sponsor and mentor for these amazing and life changing formulas. We are changing the world one line at a time.



Arthritis - Fibromyalgia

Debbies Health Transformation

Jimmy Bailey

Georgia Morgan

Tony Yates

Jim's Arthritis Results

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