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According to my understanding and experience, the Youngevity approach to natural health is like a three legged stool. If any one of the legs is missing the stool becomes unstable.

Don’t get me wrong, our supplement formulas are the best available anywhere at any price and MANY people report phenomenal results using the supplements alone however… For optimal results ALL THREE factors combined make up the Youngevity optimal health protocol and MUST be addressed before you can fairly judge the effectiveness of it up or down.

The Three Factors are as follows:

  1. Nutrify the body with all 90 essential nutrients according to body weight and health category
    (determined by the result of This Self Evaluation)
  2. Eliminate all synthetic, toxic, inflammatory and carcinogenic foods from the diet
    (See 12 bad foods video and wall chart image below).
  3. Increase our Anti-Oxidant consumption with high ORAC score foods and/or supplements.

According to Naturopathic Medicine, healing is easy. The body want’s to heal itself, the body knows how to heal itself, the body is constantly trying to heal itself.

As long as our health challenge hasn’t progressed to the proverbial point of “no return” if we stop doing the stuff that’s causing the damage and start doing more of the stuff that supports the body’s ability to heal itself, amazing things can and very often do happen.

1 – Nutrify the body according to body weight and health condition

  1. Download, print and complete the “start time” column of This Self Evaluation Form
  2. In which of the four categories is your TOTAL SELF EVALUATION SCORE THE HIGHEST?

    a. 90 Essential NutrientsHard Tissue – Foundation =  1 Healthy Bone and Joint Pack per 100lbs of body weight per month.
    b. Soft Tissue – Foundation = 1 Brain and Heart Pack per 100lbs of body weight per month.
    c. Blood Sugar Issues – Foundation = 1 Healthy Blood Sugar Pack per 100lbs of body weight per month.
    d. Digestion – Foundation = 1 Healthy Digestion Pack per 100lbs of body weight per month.

This would make up the basic nutritional foundation. Depending on various factors (including budget) you might add specific additional nutrient formulas. The body can’t maintain, repair and rebuild itself if it’s lacking ANY of the essential factors necessary. Expecting it to is a fools game.

2 – Eliminate Synthetic, Toxic, Inflammatory and Carcinogenic Foods

Heal-Kill-FoodsSupplementing properly regardless of what you eat can have major health benefits.

However if you want to avoid the three steps forward and two steps back syndrome and save time, effort, money and unnecessary suffering, diet is the second most important leg of the three legged optimal health stool.

I say the second most important leg because there is ample evidence and research showing that a deficiency of any essential nutrient, over time can lead to multiple health and life threatening conditions. So the first, most important, necessary step for optimizing our health is to make sure our bodies are getting ALL the essential nutrients necessary to support and promote it’s optimal function, structure, health and natural healing abilities.

Unfortunately, because of soil nutrient deficiencies, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and GMO’s (not to mention modern food processing and our fast food industry), there is NO WAY to get all the essential nutrients in the quantities we need for optimal health strictly from the foods we eat. No matter how organic and healthy we eat.

12 Bad Foods
Click to view or print this wall chart

The key to a healthy diet is not only what we eat, but also what we don’t eat and how we prepare the food we do eat! Unfortunately most Americans don’t eat to live… we live to eat meaning we allow our taste buds and not our nutritional requirements to dictate what, when and how often we eat. To optimize our health we need to eliminate problem foods.

Some of the following problem foods described by Dr. Glidden are controversial and debatable to some. However the more I research these topics, the more convinced I’ve become regarding their validity. Also, I’ve spoken with numerous people who have had some extremely impressive health transformations and have seen and heard the testimonials of many more who claim similar results and the one thing MOST of them have in common in addition to Youngevity supplementation is the elimination of these antagonistic foods. Coincidence?

I’m making NO claims. I’ve arrived at my own decision regarding this topic but I do highly recommend you research this topic thoroughly and thoughtfully. Your health and quality of life could depend on it.

Dr. Glidden ND – 12 Bad Foods to Eliminate

3 – Increase Consumption of Anti-Oxidants (ORAC Score)

Antioxidants may help prevent, counteract or even reverse free radicals and free radical damage in the cells of the body. We don’t know what optimal levels of anti-oxidants are yet but the general consensus for most is “the more the merrier”.

free-radicalsAnti Oxidants


Dr. Glidden ND on Anti-Oxidants and ORAC Scores



For informational purposes only. Not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Consult your health care professional.

I’m Generally HEALTHY: I Consume at least 20,000 to 50,000 ORAC points per day.

I’m MODERATELY HEALTHY: I Consume 50,000 to 100,000 ORAC points per day.

I’m CHRONIC: I Consume 100,000+ ORAC points per day.

For more information or assistance regarding the Youngevity nutritional protocols, contact me! I will be happy to assist you. Plus I can show you how to save money, get free shipping, free products or even get all your Youngevity supplements paid for by the company just like I do.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Each healthy start pack provides optimal comprehensive foundational nutritional support to the entire body with emphasis on a particular body system (See Self Evaluation Form) Many people report very satisfactory results with the healthy start pack alone.

However everyone has different specific needs and depending on how your body responds will determine if some “tweaking” or “refining” has to be applied (give it 90 days). Listen to your body, keep track of your progress using the self evaluation form. It will tell you. Each Healthy Start Pack provides all 90 essential nutrients in ideal proportions and from pure and highly bio-available sources plus extra nutrients to support and promote the health of the particular body systems indicated by each pack.

Many people report very satisfactory results even with lower than optimal doses. It depends on the person and the condition of their health. However ANY amount of full spectrum nutrition is better than none. So start somewhere and you can work that out later.

Also there are ways to greatly reduce the cost of your Youngevity supplements, get free healthy start packs or even get the company to pay for your products 100%. Many people get their products paid for by the company (myself included) and I can show you how. See if GNC, Wallgreens or Walmart will do that for you.

Another way stretch your nutritional budget is to “trade up” as I call it. Trade going to fast food places in favor of purchasing supplements, trade some of your unhealthy food choices for supplements, trade or replace one meal per day to help fund your supplements. The real question is what is good health worth to you, what are you willing to do, pay or sacrifice for it? If you are really interested in freeing up funds and/or getting free or paid for products I (or your Youngevity representative who referred you) can help you with this, just ask. Many of us are doing it very successfully. I myself haven’t had to pay for my supplements since my second month associated with Youngevity.

This commonly indicates you are either not following enough the full protocol as described previously on this page, aren’t taking the right amount or the right formula, haven’t given it long enough (a 90 day period) or… you aren’t absorbing the nutrients efficiently which could indicate you have digestive issues and need to optimize the health of your digestive tract. Gluten can cause problems in this area. Are you Gluten Free?

For more information or assistance with Dr. Wallach’s protocols and Youngevity supplements contact the person who referred you. If you do not yet have a Youngevity sponsor or weren’t referred by one please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to assist you. I live it, love it, share it and teach others how to do the same thing successfully.

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