On This Page You Will Learn:

  • How to Become a Youngevity Preferred Customer and Pay Less for Youngevity Products
  • How To Place Orders as an Existing Preferred Customer
  • How to get FREE shipping and save an additional 8% on your order totals
  • How to determine your Customer Username and Password so you can continue to order at wholesale

1. How to Become a Preferred Customer and Save $$

Becoming a Preferred Customer is 100% FREE and EZ, plus it saves you aprox. 30% off the retail price of the products. Also, if you are using any healthy start pack, whenever your referrals result in three other people trying the healthy start pack in a calendar month, you get a healthy start pack for FREE the following month! Ask GNC if they will do that for you.

IMPORTANT: Only sign up as a preferred customer ONCE. It becomes your account for life. Many people get confused and signup multiple accounts.

IMPORTANT: Once you sign up REMEMBER YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD YOU CHOOSE. The best way to do this is print out the welcome letter you receive, write your username and password on it and pin it to your wall by your computer for easy reference.

To become a preferred customer do one of the following:

Call Me For Assistance: Mark Hamilton at (602) 752-0274 or…

  • Go To http://mwh.youngevity.com
  • Click the join link in the upper right corner
  • Choose the “Customer” Option
  • Complete and Submit the Application

Once you join, both the company and I will send you a welcome email with the information you need and further instructions and I will provide you with personal service and support whenever you need me to.

How to Place an order as a Preferred Customer (or rep)

Watch this video…


How to get FREE Shipping and Save an Additional 8% on your Monthly Products

If you setup a monthly auto-ship (for at least $50 worth of products), you get 100% FREE shippping! This saves you an additional 8% on your order total plus assures you of getting the products you use on a regular monthly basis delivered to your doorstep in time each month to never miss a day of supplements.

Autoship saves you money, time and effort. The vast majority of Youngevity customers and representatives have their basic products on autoship each month (myself included) because it just makes sense.



You have a few options. None of them are difficult…


Goto http://youngevity.com and login with the username and password you selected when you became a preferred customer. Once you do you should see a “Welcome Your Name”. in the upper right of the page that confirms this is YOUR personal wholesale buying area. Click on the “Cart” Link. Then Click on the “Autoship” link. Then click on “Setup Autoship” and follow the lead of the pages and instructions. Here is a video that might help…

How to Setup Your Autoship



Call Youngevity Customer Support, GIVE THEM YOUR CUSTOMER ID NUMBER and ask them to help you setup an autoship. They will do it for you over the phone


Log into the Youngevity site using your customer username and password (or customer ID and password will work also). Choose your products for the order and watch for the checkbox that says “add to autoship” and check it. It should come up just before your final product purchase confirmation. Any product that can be added to your autoship profile will display an “Add To Autoship” button on the details page for that product. Make sure you’re logged in because that “Add to Autoship” button only appears for logged in users.


Call your sponsor for assistance. They are there to help you!

How to Determine Your Customer ID, Username (interchangable) and password

When you sign up as a preferred customer you are asked to choose a username and password.

You should have also gotten a welcome email from Youngevity with your username in it. Refer to it, then go to the youngevity site and click login. You will see a “forgot password” link. Click it and give them your username. They should email you your password or a link to change it. Write down the new information and keep it safe. You will need it everytime you order to get the discounted price unless you are on auto ship.

If you’re still lost, gather what information you do have (email, address, name etc) and call youngevity customer support. The number is located on their main web site under the “More” then “Contact Us” link. It is: (800) 982-3189