90 For Life

Youngevity’s “90 for Life” is a foundation, whole food based, full spectrum nutritional supplement formula that supplies the body with ALL 90 essential nutrients necessary for optimal health

90 For Life Healthy Start Paks
Proprietary Nutri-Crystal Liquid Delivery Ensures Maximal Absorption & Bio Availability

Unlike the majority of vitamin companies, Youngevity doesn’t promote fractional nutrition or synthetic vitamin isolates. Youngevity provides full spectrum, whole food based, proven veterinary nutritional formulas (adapted to human beings) that are based on research and science, designed to nourish the entire system wholistically.

Youngevitiy’s nutritional formulas are based on Dr. Joel Wallach‘s landmark  field research that doubled the lifespan of animals and eliminated hundreds of degenerative diseases in the agricultural industry that still plague human beings.

90 Essential Nutrients

Dr. Wallach was the lead scientist in a 13 year study on the causes of death and health of animals and people. His research concluded that animals and humans who die of degenerative “natural” causes actually die because of long term nutritional deficiencies.

Our bodies need at least 90 Essential nutrients to support and maintain optimal health and well being, help us ward off degenerative and chronic conditions, strengthen our immune systems and encourage health and vitality into old age.

Regardless of opinion, well documented research and factual evidence has clearly proven We aren’t getting all the nutrition we need from the foods we eat (no matter how “healthy” we eat) because, our soils are depleted of trace minerals and many vital nutrients. Combine that with synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, processed and fast foods and you have a recipe for disaster! It’s no wonder degenerative, chronic conditions, obesity and compromised immune system problems are on the rise in the US.

The 90 for life Healthy Body Start Pack provides the most comprehensive whole food nutritional supplement program available anywhere for the price. It provides all 90 essential nutrients in an easily digestible form for a complete foundational nutritional supplement program that supports the entire body. Thousands of people all over the world have transformed their health and eliminated numerous chronic symptoms with a healthy body start pack as the foundation of their nutritional supplement regimen. Are You next? Once you have all the bases covered then you can optionally add additional quantities of specific nutritional factors to your regimen based on your particular body’s needs. However as far as food supplementation is concerned, comprehensive nutritional health begins with and has at it’s foundation what we call The Healthy Body Start Pack.

The 90 Essential Nutrients For Life



The Best Value in Whole Food Based Supplement Formulas

Youngevity verses GMC

The healthy body start pack formulated by Dr. Joel Wallach for Youngevity is the ultimate, clinically verified whole food supplement on the market today. To get the equivalent nutritional elements you could spent two or three times as much in GNC for multiple products that aren’t even the same quality. Don’t gamble with your health and food supplements.

You won’t find a better, more bio-available or real life results proven nutritional formula anywhere for the price. To get all the same nutrients from similar quality products you would have to go to a health food store and spend twice as much!

I’m 90 For Life! Ask me Why!

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