Healthy Weight Loss

Youngevity takes a health based, wholistic approach to weight reduction. Beginning with providing the body with full spectrum nutrition to support and promote healthy cellular and metabolic processes in the body.

Youngevity Healthy Body Weight LossMany people report natural weight reduction results just from using a standard healthy body pack, I recently received an email from a “pleasantly surprised” preferred customer, informing me that he had lost 25lbs in just over a month, simply taking the healthy start pack (which wasn’t his intention). Needless to say I don’t have to convcince him of the value of Youngevity’s Healthy Start Pack. I get this type of feed back quite often.

However for those who are more aggressive there are two specific product packages that have helped thousands of people to lose weight and more importantly, to keep it off the healthy, natural way.

The thing I like most about Youngevity’s approach to weight loss is it’s really all about nutrifying the body and supporting and promoting overall health and well being. Achieving and maintaining your ideal body weight is a natural byproduct of optimal health. Focus on rebuilding the body’s cellular and metabolic health and the innate intelligence in your body will do the rest.

Youngevity even has Healthy Body Transformation Challenges that reward those who transform themselves with cash, recognition and other incentives! Here are some great video overviews of the Youngevity weight reduction philosophy, products and methods…

Ideal Body Weight Solution – Dr. Joel Wallach


Weight Loss Success – Dr. Peter Glidden


Youngevity Weight Loss Philosophy

Weight Loss Transformation – 90 For Life!

Obesity 1960 - 2030

Initial Phase – Healthy Body Weight Loss Pack

Youngevity Weight Loss Program Overview

Youngevity Following the Program 90 For Life Weight Loss

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