Fast Track To Success With Youngevity…

Fast Track to Success

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  1. Before You Join – Know Your Options – CLICK HERE
    Understanding your options will mean the difference receiving maximum commissions and leaving commissions on the table (for the same effort). Click the link above to review and understand your options ideally before you join but alternatively as soon as you join.

  2. First Steps For New Reps – CLICK HERE
    Once you become an Independent Representative, these are the first things you should understand and do to get the most from your business.

  3. Effective Prospecting & Recruiting – CLICK HERE
    The key to building a large, strong organization is prospecting and recruiting both customers and business builders, then training your business builders to become leaders and duplicate your efforts. Learn what tools to use and some effective ways to do this by clicking link #6 above.

  4. How to Sponsor and Sign Up New Customers & RepsCLICK HERE
    Learn how to use your reseller site(s) to enroll a new customer or independent representative online, over the phone or in person.

    How to get paid as much as possible, as fast as possible click link #3 above and follow the instructions

  6. Simple 4×4 Exponential Growth System – CLICK HERE
    Find four, help them find 4 and teach them to do the same for fast growth

  7. Understand Youngevity Rank Qualification Requirements – CLICK HERE
    For Maximum Income, Lean the rank qualification requirements and KNOW where you are each month in relationship to fulfilling them! Click Link #5 above.

  8. Youngevity In Depth Business Training – CLICK HERE
    Learn the proven methods of establishing time and financial freedom with Youngevity

  9. Youngevity Product Training – CLICK HERE
    To be effective at sharing the products, learn and know the value of Youngevity’s Health products.

Notice: Check back often. I’m putting up a complete step by step training system for my downline here one piece at a time. Should be finished and all up by mid August 2015.