Keys to a Flawless Complexion

Flawless Complexion
Me at 59yrs old – Click to Enlarge

I’m frequently complimented on and asked about my complexion. So I’ve decided to post my skin care philosophy and regimen for anybody who is interested. So here it is, step by step. However I warn you… some of it my be shocking (or at least other than what you’ve been told).

First and Foremost…

Positive Attitude, Diet and Nutritional Supplementation

Healthy skin and natural beauty radiate from within. Your moods/emotions/attitudes express themselves through your countenance, so mental outlook and attitude play an important role.

However optimal NUTRITION is essential for healthy cells and healthy skin production and maintenance. So the FOUNDATION of flawless, healthy, glowing skin is NUTRITION, and that means (and includes) nutritional supplementation!. Your body can not create and maintain optimal health (which includes healthy skin cells) if you constantly feed it CRAP and/or if you are lacking certain nutrients essential for healthy, ongoing cellular health and reproduction… and if you are relying strictly on the foods you eat to provide your body with ample amounts of ALL the ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS necessary for optimal health, you are in for a very rude awakening. It’s just a matter of time.

Proven NutritionI consume a whole food based, FULL SPECTRUM nutritional formula daily as the foundation of my nutritional supplement regimen. It’s called “The Healthy Start Pack” by Youngevity and it contains all 90 essential nutrients necessary to promote, support and help maintain optimal health (including skin health and regeneration). I also consume extra anti-oxidants and living enzymes but that’s a topic covered elsewhere on this site so back to my skin care regimen…

While my diet is not absolutely perfect (still a work in progress), I do eat as healthy as possible which is healthier than most and means staying as close to nature as possible and avoiding antagonistic, inflammatory and carcinogenic, processed foods and refined sugars. When it comes to diet, to me it’s perhaps MORE IMPORTANT to eliminate problem foods than it is to eat a purely organic, pristine diet. Not to say striving for this isn’t also important but ELIMINATING TOXIC, ANTAGONISTIC FOODS AND SUPPLEMENTING PROPERLY IS THE ESSENTIAL FIRST STEP I STRONGLY RECOMMEND to anyone based on a lifetime of nutritional research and supplementation.

For a printable list of the 12 bad foods to eliminate as much and as fast as possible from your diet and a video explaining why… CLICK HERE.

Next – My Skin Care Regimen…

I’m not saying you should follow this regimen. That’s up to you. However this is exactly what I do based on my own research and results. It has never failed to produce excellent and noticeable results and as long as I do it, my facial skin remains flawless, soft, tight and glowing. Brace yourself for some unexpected news and by all means… do the research.

Composition of Urine
Composition of Urine

You might want to prepare yourself for what follows by researching UREA. It is a scientifically recognized, verified, key ingredient in some of the most expensive and highly praised skin care products on the market.

What you may not know is you don’t have to buy it, your body produces it for FREE!

It is a key ingredient in your URINE!

There is plenty of information on this topic online so do the research for yourself.

Here is one of many many reports…

Or do a Google search for Urine Skin Care and check out the NUMEROUS positive reports:

So, first thing upon awakening.. I drink a glass of water… then… I PEE on my face! LOL! Ok, before you freak out. Let me explain something about your urine you probably didn’t know…

Caught mid-stream your urine is actually sterile and contains numerous minerals including UREA which is GREAT for the skin. (see image above).

  1. So first thing I do when I wake is catch my first pee, mid stream into a plastic, disposable cup then dip a cotton makeup remover pad into it and dab it on my face and neck. I saturate my skin with it and let it naturally evaporate and absorb into my skin.

Below is a short episode of “The Doctors” talking about urine face/skin care. Although they have some stigma over the conceptual “gross out” factor. Listen to what they say about sterility and harmlessness and the urea factor…

Avalon Organics2. Ok, so the next thing I do after the urine has absorbed and dried thoroughly is WASH MY FACE. I NEVER use soap on my face. I use a product I purchase in Wallgreens called Avalon Organics Vitamin C face wash and moisturizer. The skin LOVES vitamin C. Vitamin C builds collagen which strengethens the cells and binds them together and I take it both internally and use it to wash and moisturize externally.

Notice: I don’t moisturize my face… yet, Just wash it to cleanse my skin and remove any surface urine, and NO my skin doesn’t smell of urine as they imply in the video above when the Dr. smelled his buddy’s face in jest. It’s really NO BIG DEAL guys. Once you get over the “weirdness” factor. So the next step I use is..

Colloidal Copper3. Tone with Colloidal Copper. I make my own colloidal copper (although you can buy it) and I spritz it (using a spray bottle) all over my face and neck. Paying particular attention to the areas that are normally prone to wrinkles. Dr. Wallach talks alot about how trace amounts of Copper in the diet can help prevent aneurysms by increasing the tinsel strength of cells and also how it can tighten up fine lines and wrinkles but he is not the only one.. here is just one of MANY reports on the benefit of topical copper for the skin…

Again, don’t take my word for it. DO THE RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF if you don’t believe me.

4. Moisturize with Vitamin C: Once the colloidal copper has absorbed and dried, I moisturize with Avalon Organics Intense defense Vitamin C moisturizer and then go on about my day.

That’s it guys. Do with it what you will but if you try it, I guarantee you will get very noticeable, positive results you will LOVE within a weeks time. I highly recommend this regemin to anyone who has problems with dry skin, crows feet, wrinkles etc and wants more youthful, glowing skin. If you don’t think it works, next time you see me take a good look at my skin and complexion. Again, RESULTS are what matter and RESULTS will speak for themselves.

Live long and prosper!

Mark Hamilton