On this page I will reveal some insider tips that enable you to “max out” the compensation plan so you can get paid as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

How To Get Started Right with Youngevity…

Read This Entire Page BEFORE you Sign Up As a Youngevity Rep!
If you don’t understand it, ASK ME about it. It’s that important
for maximizing your earnings in the initial stages of your business

Ultimately you will learn this by studying and becoming familiar with the Youngevity Compensation plan but that will take some time. Fortunately, you don’t have to understand the compensation plan to get started right, fast and max your earnings potential out from the beginning because, as your sponsor, I will teach you so you can lead by example and teach your new reps the same thing as well.

Understanding and applying this information will prevent you from passing income through to your up-line and provide you with the highest commission return from this opportunity from the begining. The text in bold red below is what you must make sure you do. If you don’t understand how to do this, call me (Mark) at: (602) 752-0274

You need to understand a couple terms:

This is a numeric value assigned to each product that determines your personal qualification for the different types of bonuses and/or ranks. Your PQV consists of any and all purchases YOU PERSONALLY MAKE under your account each month. These purchases can be for personal consumption or for resale. Whatever you have on AUTO SHIP qualifies as your PV or PQV.

AUTO SHIP: Products that are automatically ordered and shipped to you each month


Also understand these qualification requirements:

To qualify for commissions: For any month you must have a personal PQV of at least 50 for that same month.

To qualify for Quick Start Bonuses: (special fast higher percentage bonuses), you must have a monthly auto-ship setup of at least 100 PQV.


To SAVE MONEY, Qualify for FREE Products and Maximize Your Quick Start Bonus Commissions

Put any Healthy Start Pack on Autoship – Right Away!!!!!

Why? Because an autoship of at least 100PV qualifies you for all quick start commissions which will be the BULK of your income in the initial stages of your Youngevity business. Also having ANY healthy start pack on autoship qualifies you for a FREE healthy start pack the month following ANY month you refer 3 healthy start packs and autoship also get’s you FREE shipping which saves you an additional 8% per month on your product shipping charges. Do the math. This will provide you MAXIMUM return on your effort as a Youngevity Representative!

Note: I did this from day one and as a result my quick start bonuses have MORE than paid for ALL my products from day one (retroactive). I also received free healthy start in three out of my first six months ($360 savings). The price is deducted from the cost of your next autoship!

You Have 2 Options For Joining Youngevity as a Business Builder

BEST: Come in at the CEO Level for $499 ($589 after shipping and taxes)
If you can afford it.. DO IT! this is the BEST way to join Youngevity for many reasons (listed below).
If you can’t come in at this level it’s ok, you can come in at the distributor level for $25 and upgrade to CEO later.


  • It immediately unlocks the FULL POTENTIAL of the compensation plan
  • You receive over $500 worth of Products and Samples for personal use, samples to hand out or Resell
  • You receive ADVANCED CEO business building training course materials.
  • It represents and demonstrates a commitment and vested interest in YOUR BUSINESS.
  • It sets the IDEAL DUPLICATE-ABLE example others in your organization will follow and eliminates the “you didn’t do it” factor.
  • It automatically establishes an auto ship of a healthy body pack and qualifies you for all Quick Start & Fast Start bonuses.
  • It unlocks the CEO Fast Start and Infinity Coding Bonuses that will be the majority of your income mid-term while you build your residuals

GOOD: Come in at the Independent Marketing Director Level for $25.
Make sure you have an autoship of at least 100 PV setup immediately. The Healthy Start Pack is best (explained below). You will want to upgrade to CEO (one time purchase) ASAP but at the very least the month you qualify for Regional Marketing Director (RMD) if you want to max out the income potential of the compensation plan and not pass any of your bonuses upline.


  • You receive a distributor welcome kit and basic training & information package
  • You qualify to receive unilevel & Quick Start & Fast Start bonuses based on your AUTO SHIP, PV (personal volume) & GV (group volume)
  • You unlock aprox 50% of the income potential of the compensation plan
  • You can upgrade to CEO at any time but commissions aren’t retroactive


Having any healthy body start pack on autoship should qualify you but check the PV to make sure. Otherwise you will want to add individual products to your autoship and then check the PQV total of that autoship in your admin area. This will qualify you for quick start bonuses on all new rep or customer orders in their first month of almost 30% as opposed to 5% or 8% unilevel.

NOTICE: The ideal autoship is one of the healthy start packs, not only will this qualify you for the quick start bonues (which are most of your income in the initial stages) but it also qualifies you to receive a free healthy start pack following ANY and ALL months you sign 3 reps and/or customers up with a healthy start pack. Share 3 get one free. Having a healthy start pack on AUTO SHIP hit’s two birds with one stone.

My income PieEXAMPLE

  • I made $1000 in my first 3 months, $500 in my 3rd month alone. Most of it came from Quick/Fast Start Bonuses!
  • I Earned a FREE Healthy Start Pack my first month, it came my 2nd month the price was DEDUCTED from my autoship saving me $120!
  • I wouldn’t have made this money if I didn’t have an autoship of at least 100PQV.
  • I wouldn’t have received a FREE Healthy Start Pack if I didn’t have a Healthy Start Pack on autoship.
    (my autoship each month is for a healthy start pack and an extra bottle of plant derived minerals aprox. 140 PQV)

* refer to compensation plan at a glance chart, you can download it via the link below.

Download a copy of the Compensation Plan at a glance document

Click Here to Download and Print It



To full compensation and every incentive provided by the compensation plan you MUST be CEO qualified. You can qualify yourself as a CEO with a one time $499 purchase of any CEO Mega Pack in either one of these two ways:

  1. Immediately Upon Enrollment (do this if you can afford to)
  2. Upgrade to CEO at a later time. Do this with your commission profits if you can’t afford to initially. Consider it a buisiness expense (and write it off). However, MAKE SURE you do it by the time you reach Regional Marketing Director or you will leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table in lost commissions over time.

You can upgrade yourself to CEO status at anytime with a one time $499.00 (plus tax and shipping) purchase of a CEO Package which qualifies you for life. Again, if you can afford it and you are serious about working this business then, COME IN AT THE CEO LEVEL. It provides you with a variety of sample packets of the most popular products for handout or personal use, plus two healthy body packages.

If you don’t come in at the CEO level, you will want to upgrade ASAP but at the very least upgrade the month you qualify at a Regional Marketing Director (RMD) in order to start receiving the CEO Coding bonuses. They kick in at the RMD level.

Note: Many Top Leaders in Youngevity say the CEO coding bonuses composed the majority of their income in the first two or three years with Youngevity and ultimately your BIG income in addition to your residual (unilevel) income.

CEO level also qualifies you for the car bonuses, paid cruises, stock options and much more… JUST DO IT!

Key to Quick Profits and Growth.. Duplicate This..

See the Compensation Plan Page for Videos and materials related to Youngevity’s compensation plan.