Nutritional support for a healthy Immune System

Step One: Nutrify the body with ALL 90 essential nutrients according to body weight.
Why? To give our body the materials it needs to build and maintain strong healthy cells, strengthen our immune system and properly manage and regulate optimal bio-chemical metabolic processes.

Youngevity 90 Essential Nutrients For Life Message

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Step Two: Eliminate Toxic, Inflamnatory  & Free Radical Causing Foods

I close this topic with a short fictional story, kinda like the Matrix.

Once upon a time… there was a nutritionally deficient mother and a nutritionally deficient father who gave birth to a nutritionally depleted child. Unfortunately for the child, she was born into an environment that was very unlike the world of her Grandparents.

  • Dams had been built all over the country to generate electricity and prevent the flooding of the plains
    (eliminating the minerals and trace minerals that came with the floods from the mountains and glacial runoff).
  • Electricity had replaced wood stoves as a cooking and heating fuel.
    (eliminating the wood ash, aka plant minerals from being tilled back into domestic gardens.
  • Cars had replaced horses for transportation dumping free radical causing carcinogens into the breathable atmosphere.
  • Factories were everywhere dumping even more pollution (and free radical causing agents) into the breathable atmosphere.
  • Toxic farming methods using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and GMO food had replaced natural organic whole foods and farming methods.
  • Synthetic, man made chemical compounds had become a large part of the public food supply turning whole foods into synthetic “food stuff”.
  • The Fast Food industry had become a popular staple for many people.
  • Profit motivated mass media advertising convinced us to eat foods that were toxic, caused inflammation and free radical damage to the cells of their bodies.
  • Medical Experts who had little to no nutritional education or appreciation for the value of nutrition told  us what to eat.

Greater Amounts of Free Radical Antagonists were in the air, water, environment and food and the nutritional levels of all essential nutrients and anti-oxidants (free radical scavengers) required for optimal immune function and healthy cell production and maintenance were lower than ever and degenerative disease became epidemic!

A perfect storm.. less of the good and more of the bad in our soil, foods and environment.

Eventually, the little girl’s mother got cancer and died and when the girl grew up, she got cancer as well. The doctors pointed to her mother and told her it was a “genetic” flaw in her body inherited from her parents, and because of this it was inevitable and beyond her control.

So they gave her man made drugs, radiation and toxic chemicals to try to attack and kill the cancer (which also attacked her body and immune system) without ever considering the possibility that nutritional deficiencies and low levels of anti-oxidants combined with environmental and dietary free radical antagonists might be the cause of the problem in the first place. So she eventually died of a combination of the treatment and the cancer.

And in this Ghetto, another little baby child is born… and his Ma Ma Cries… WAKE UP NEO!

The End! Of course this is just fiction, right?