My Youngevity Business Story


Wow! Well to say the least, my progress in Youngevity has come faster and easier than I ever anticipated! In fact, I initially had no intention of doing anything with Youngevity other than to use the products because based on my experience and research they are the best money can buy. I hope my story of progression will inspire you to appreciate what is possible for you to achieve with a Youngevity home based business of your own.

My Network Marketing Background & Experience

I’m not new to the concept of Network Marketing. In fact, I’ve attempted it four or five times over the course of my life with very little success. I have a unique perspective when it comes to this industry for a couple reasons.

1. I first became vaguely aware of the industry through my Uncle and to some degree my parents when I was a child. They dabbled in AMWAY. We had some of the products in our house and I knew it was some sort of business but that’s about it.

2. I was formally introduced to the MLM concept as a teenager. I guess you could say I was a “strange child” in that I learned to appreciate natural health and healing when I was a teen, in part due to the fact my Mother died of cancer at the hands of traditional medicine (actually she died of chemotherapy and the treatment of her cancer) and while searching for alternative methods of health care and healing I came across the Shaklee Corporation. I was about 15 or so I think. I started using the products with noticeable results in the way I looked and felt and my energy levels. Through sharing them with others I noticed improvements in their conditions as well so I learned at a young age the value of good quality, whole food supplementation and the concept of network marketing.

3. Later in life, I became a web developer, and a good one to boot. My clients enjoyed top search engine rankings and productive internet business presences. I was the webmaster for one of the oldest nation wide franchises in the US for 10 years and ultimately became the web developer for the MLMIA (Multi Level Marketing International Association) in association with Doris Woods, Mike Sheffield and other big names in the MLM industry.

However my involvement with the various companies didn’t come to much for a number of reasons. Two companies folded plus the fact that I’m a professional entertainer and public speaker worked against me because I attempted to build my organizations in a way that couldn’t be duplicated. Plus I got distracted and didn’t give it the focus and consistent action necessary. In other words what I didn’t realize at the time was the problem wasn’t the industry, or the products or the opportunity… it was ME.

After multiple attempts with limited results I finally did what so many others do. Rather than re-evaluate my methods and make the necessary adjustments, I simply decided “it didn’t work”, quit trying and swore never to get involved in the industry again.

Fortunately my entertainment and web development skills would carry me though my 20’s to 40’s well enough that I didn’t have to worry about things… then it happened. The proverbial mid life crisis combined with the economic down slide of the US economy… I eventually hit rock bottom financially, personally, emotionally and psychologically. I won’t go into the details but suffice it to say I got involved in things that would devastate every area of my life. I never thought it could or would happen to me… never say never! Lesson learned.

Long story short, I finally pulled out of my situation with the help of a good friend and after a couple years recuperating and rebuilding my life I decided that not doing the bad stuff wasn’t enough and it was time to get back into healthy eating and quality full spectrum food supplements. To take a pro-active approach instead of a reactive approach. So I started researching my options and looking for the highest quality supplements on the market. This ultimately led me back to Dr. Wallach and Youngevity. I’ve told this story elsewhere on this site so I wont repeat it here.

However the business end was not my initial interest. In fact, to be honest, when I first realized Dr. Wallach set Youngevity up as a Network Marketing Distributor organization my initial reaction was a mildly negative feeling of being let down. Imagine that. The thing that redeemed the idea in my head was the fact that I knew of Dr. Wallach’s history. I first came across him in the early 90’s which started me on plant based trace minerals. I Respected his commitment and was aware he had been on a life long health crusade that is backed by a compelling history and some of the most exhaustive field research backed up by real life results in both animals and humans ever conducted. The fact that he is controversial means little to me since history is filled with controversial people who were eventually proven to be right! All new ideas go through an opposition and criticism phase. Like the world being round and the original MD who associated hand sanitation with infection in hospitals. His discovery worked, but he was ostracized for years as a quack then eventually proven right.

Upon closer inspection it eventually became clear to me that based on his objectives and failed attempts to come into health reform through the front door of traditional health care, this method was the ideal way to quickly develop a strong grass roots coalition of real health transformations in real people and change health care from the ground up in a way that is unstoppable. It’s a great idea actually. Think about it, Youngevity provides a way to establish health and wealth on your own terms. Two of the most important ingredients of a happy, freedom based lifestyle. When I started taking the healthy body pack I noticed improvements in my energy levels, complexion and overall sense of well being almost right away. The first person I shared the information with noticed dramatic energy level improvement and her blood sugar dropped down to normal levels and has remained there. She is a diagnosed type 2 diabetic. OK, I was sold and decided to look closer at the business side of things.

What’s the Difference?

I know the power of residual income and the difference it can make in your life because as a web developer I had it. It’s money that comes in every month whether you get out of bed in the morning or not and it provides a level of freedom and security that can’t be matched by those who work normal jobs and trade their time for money. It’s like a return on an investment that keeps paying over and over again. I also recognize the power of leverage. If you can leverage your time and effort through others you multiply your returns. It’s a principle used by the wealthiest financial institutions, investors and real estate tycoons in the world.

I also have a different perspective related to Network Marketing. It’s been recognized as legitimate since the 1950’s at least and has created more millionaires out of “average people” than any other industry. A pyramid scheme is based on buy in. There are no products, it’s just a money shell game and it will eventually collapse. Legitimate MLM’s are not pyramids. Actually, the corporate job market is a pyramid with most profits going to the one or few at the top while the masses work hard to just get by and make the top company officers wealthy. Most people have it backwards when it comes to the idea of what constitutes a pyramid scheme so this is a non-issue with me.

My main concern approaching Youngevity as a business what do I have to do and think differently this time in order to go all the way. That was my first decision… to go the distance no matter what, quitting is NOT an option. So I decided to learn to do it right, keep it simple and duplicatable, be consistent and if something wasn’t working to make the necessary adjustments to learn how to do it in a way that did work, no matter how long it takes. My initial agreement with myself was to give it at least 10 years. Most people quit if it doesn’t work in 1 year. I wasn’t going to make that mistake again. I decided to treat this like a career and go the distance. Heck, I’m 56. If it takes me 10 years to become financially independent I will still retire at 66. What other job provides this type of return.

RMD in First 3 Months
RMD in my first 3 Months! Click Image for Larger View

That being said I don’t intend to have to wait 10 years and I’m growing as fast as I can and apparently that is pretty fast since I made Regional Marketing Director in my first 3 months with the company and around $1000 in commissions for that period as well. Apparently this is good. This is the fastest and easiest return on my time and effort I’ve ever experienced in ANY Network marketing opportunity. The only difference is I’m fully committed, focused and learning to do it right, by the book the way those who have already succeeded are doing it only adapted to my unique personality.

It’s also important to point out here that I’m not in this for the money first. I’m in this because I believe in it and desire to help as many other people with their health and wealth goals as possible. To create value in the lives of those I come into contact with. The money will take care of itself. This is another thing that is different in my attitude this time around and it’s important because after you hit Regional Marketing Director it’s no longer about you, it’s about how many others you can inspire, lead and support to achieve their success and the growth of their organizations. Developing your skills as a leader and helping others develop theirs and duplicate this though their organizations is the key to mega success in Youngevity.

Sure you can do this in your spare time, get your products free and make a few bucks. Nothing wrong with that if it’s all you want. But I want much more. I want freedom of lifestyle.

July 2015 Update

I qualified for Executive Marketing Director in June. My 5th month in the business! My next target is Senior Executive Marketing Directory by the end of August and to start receiving car bonuses before the end of the year! Onward and Upward to Infinity and Beyond! (grin)

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