Why Youngevity?

Youngevity is an unrivaled, full spectrum nutritional supplement and natural health product, network marketing company founded by the infamous Dr. Joel D. Wallach. Compare these strengths with any other Nutritional Network Marketing Opportunity in the industry… Dr. Wallach’s background, education, … Continued

Why I Use Youngevity (short)

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MY STORY – Why I Use & Recommend Youngevity I was fortunate. I discovered the value and power of quality whole food supplementation back when I was a teenager through the Skaklee Corporation. As a result I’ve been using whole … Continued

The Power of Why!

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If You Have a BIG Enough Why? You’ll Find  Or Create The How! How is your Youngevity business growing? Fast? Slow? Not at all? Do you know Why? I’m going to share the secret that is driving my rapid growth … Continued