Why I Use Youngevity (short)

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MY STORY – Why I Use & Recommend Youngevity

Mark HamiltonI was fortunate. I discovered the value and power of quality whole food supplementation back when I was a teenager through the Skaklee Corporation. As a result I’ve been using whole food supplements in one form or another most of my adult life.

Have they actually helped? Well, all I can honestly tell you, is other than conditions that were clearly “self inflicted” I can’t remember ever being sick or ill. I’m within ideal body weight range (5’11” at 170lbs). I don’t use or require any medications at all, never have. I spring out of bed every morning, have abundant energy and live with an overall, consistent sense of physical “well being”. Coincidence? Good Genes? Some people might think so, but since I did get colds, flue and chickenpox as a child. I rather doubt it.

Also, for the past two years I’ve lived with a roommate who works as a custodian in a middle/high school and he occasionally comes home with cold and flu symptoms which have thus far, never had any effect on me whatsoever, in spite of the fact that I haven’t had any vaccinations for over 30 years!… Another coincidence?

I should also mention that he doesn’t use whole food supplements, eats mainly processed foods, is overweight, suffers from joint pain, frequent headaches, allergies and high blood pressure. He takes medication for depression and mood swings and like so many others, depends on health insurance to provide the medications necessary to suppress a slowly compounding array of health symptoms… Sound Familiar? Just more coincidence?

Note: This is the short version. For the full, more detailed version in adobe .pdf format.. CLICK HERE

To me, the evidence is overwhelming and consistent… The Cure for most chronic and degenerative disease, is high quality food supplementation combined with a healthy diet and detoxification!

My Medicine CabinetThis is why I use and recommend professional grade, high quality, full spectrum, natural whole food supplements. I was recently asked if I would still use Youngevity supplements if there was no financial reward. The answer is… Absolutely!

I didn’t initially intend to market Youngevity products. I was simply looking for the current “best” food supplement on the market to use for my health objectives. My research ultimately led me back to Dr. Wallach. I say “back” because I’ve known about him for 25 years. How could I not, he is the father of trace mineral supplementation and the author of the most controversial, popular and famous health lecture in the world, Dead Doctors Don’t Lie. I just didn’t know his message and supplement formulas had evolved as far as they have.

As it happens, I went through the proverbial “mid life crisis” and it was bad! For about 3 years I was abusing my health, not eating well and not supplementing. Anyone who was around me during that period of my life knows I was sick, tired, miserable and looked terrible. I won’t bore you with the details but I will say that had I continued down the path I was on, I probably wouldn’t be alive today.

Long story short, I finally pulled out of it and decided that it wasn’t enough to just stop doing the bad stuff, I also had to start doing the good stuff once again as well. This was the decision that prompted my recent search for “the ideal food supplement” which ultimately led me to Youngevity. It had NOTHING to do with the business side of it initially.

Whenever I evaluate any whole food supplement formula, I consider the following (in order of importance):

  1. The Background, History Research & Qualifications of the Formulator(s).
  2. The Whole Food Sources, Quality, Purity & Processing procedures.
  3. Any 3rd Party Research, Clinical Application, Testing & Certification
  4. Real Life and Health Experiences of those who have used it over time
  5. The Nutrient Value to Price Ratio Factor (cost/content/quality/value)

Using the cheapest supplement is not at the top of the list when it comes to my personal health. I know from a lifetime of research, self experimentation and observation that food supplements are NOT all created equally, and much of the stuff being marketed is worthless synthetic isolate crap that often doesn’t even contain what is listed on the label and can actually do more harm than good.

There have been multiple lawsuits over time proving this. The vitamin industry is ineffectively regulated. Research this for yourself. Here is an example of just one of many:


I look for professional grade high quality, bio-available, full spectrum whole food Nutraceutical supplement formulas with credible 3rd party research, clinical application, and an ongoing commitment to quality and testing that confirms the ingredients, sources, purity, processing and effectiveness of the end product.

I’ve come to understand and accept the fact that professional grade top quality whole food supplement formulas come with a price tag and I don’t mind paying it, IF I know I’m actually getting what I’m paying for in the supplement itself and in the ongoing benefits I experience in my health and well-being as a result of using it.

Youngevity VS GNCAs far as Youngevity nutritional value is concerned, I actually found myself in a situation where I was away from home and didn’t have access to my healthy body pack and plant minerals, so I went to GNC with the intention of purchasing the equivalent quality, sources, potency, ingredients etc. Comparing apples with apples to the best of my ability and knowledge, my ultimate price to replace $145 worth of Youngevity products would have been at least $250.00 without any 3rd party verification or certification that what I purchased was actually what I getting.

As far as Youngevity user testimonials are concerned, while I do take them into consideration, I typically take them with a grain of salt. However I was aware of them and did make a mental note that Youngevity products had the greatest quantity and the most impressive testimonials I’d seen compared to other nutritional supplements I researched via the Internet. But I was initially somewhat skeptical and cautious… Until it happened someone I know.

She was an adult type 2 diabetic who had done everything necessary with diet to counteract it. It was under control enough to keep her from relying on insulin shots (for the time being) but her blood sugar was still all over the place and she was suffering from chronic fatigue and low energy levels. She told me she felt that something was missing. Something prompted me to give her my copy of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, and I did and told her she might find the information helpful.

Two days later she called me and told me she thought this might be the missing link she was looking for and wanted to try Dr. Wallachs Healthy Blood Sugar Pack. She did, and within three weeks she reported her blood sugar levels had dropped down to normal levels and stabilized and that she had more energy and felt better than she has in years. This experience gave more credibility to the many other Health transformation testimonials related to Youngevity’s formulas I had reviewed and stimulated me to take a closer look at the business side of it.

Health is our most valuable commodity. Nothing else matters without it, and everything else in life becomes unimportant when we lose it. My Mother died in her forties of chemotherapy poisoning. After five years of medical treatments she passed away leaving the rest of our family financially and emotionally devastated. When we lose our health all our other life plans become meaningless. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best prevention comes from eliminating nutritional deficiencies, not from suppressing the symptoms caused by nutritional deficiencies with toxic, man made chemicals (drugs).

The only thing more satisfying than helping those you know and care about to transform their health and prevent, reverse or eliminate disease is the ability to actually become financially independent doing it. In Youngevity we are rewarded with health, free products, income or even financial independence for helping others to achieve the same. To me, this is an ideal situation. Everybody wins! This is why I promote Youngevity products!

Think about this. Let’s say you went to GNC and purchased an herb that knocked your cold out in no time at all. If you had a friend or family member who was suffering from a cold wouldn’t you tell them about it? Of course you would. But how much would GNC pay you for marketing for them? NOTHING!. In Fact the lions share of the profit would go to the CEO and other top officers of the company.

Dr. Wallach decided to create a different type of nutritional company based on proven, top quality veterinarian nutritional formulas that have been adapted for human use, used successfully with proven results for many years and have more research behind them than any other nutritional formulas on the market today. A company that returns the lions share of the company profits and advertising budget back to those who actually use, benefit from and share these fantastic products with others.

We are living testimonials, walking billboards demonstrating the solution for health and longevity, that has already been proven in the animal industry over the last 60 years. We are transforming the lives of others, by transforming our own lives and extracting ourselves from the corporate profit job slave market while building a life of our own design (without limits) in the process.

When I finally understood that this is Dr. Wallach’s vision and his purpose for creating Youngevity in the first place, I threw my hat in with him and joined his crusade.

This is what Youngevity is all about and why I believe it will succeed and flourish in the coming years and beyond. We are changing the health of the world, one skeptic, one person, one life at a time and this is why I use and recommend Youngevity.

One sentence has killed more people in the last 100 years than all wars combined… You get all the nutrition you need from the foods you eat
– Dr. Joel Wallach –