Why Youngevity?

90 For Life

Youngevity is an unrivaled, full spectrum nutritional supplement and natural health product, network marketing company founded by the infamous Dr. Joel D. Wallach. Compare these strengths with any other Nutritional Network Marketing Opportunity in the industry…

Dr. Wallach’s background, education, experience and accomplishments are unrivaled in the field of nutritional supplementation research. He participated in the most extensive field research in history and has the most compelling story, qualifications, life experience and track record in the field of veterinary and human health. His exhaustive research and discoveries helped triple life spans, reduce birth defects and eliminate hundreds of chronic/degenerative diseases in animals that still plague human beings.

See The Mineral Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLFE5NQpPWw

After a lifetime of experience in agricultural and disease pathology research combined with veterinary medicine experience healing animals with nutritional formulas, Dr. Wallach went back to school and became a Naturopathic Physician in order to adapt and apply his nutritional discoveries to human beings. Dr. Wallach says “Nutrition works just the same in people as it does in animals”. Many famous celebrities and thousands of common people attest to and swear by the effectiveness of his nutritional formulas.

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Dr. Wallach is recognized as the father of trace mineral based, full spectrum nutritional supplementation. His formulas are among the most bio-available (absorbable) complete and comprehensive whole food based supplements available. His philosophy of “90 for Life” provides the body with a foundational full spectrum array of nutrients. Everything necessary to build, support and sustain optimal health. He does not promote synthetic, isolated nutrients or magic bullet vitamin therapy. His approach is uniquely wholistic. Give the body everything it needs, get out of the way and watch the magic happen!

See Dr. Wallach 90 For Life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYpnPHDxpoM

Dr. Wallach believed the most effective way to spread his natural health message and distribute his unique nutritional supplement formulas was via a “grass roots coalition of the informed”. People who use the products and have experienced the health benefits would share the message with others. Instead of putting his products in retail stores and paying traditional advertising, marketing and distribution costs, Dr. Wallach chose the proven effective method of Network Marketing Distribution. This method provides a more personal approach that also returns the lions share (over 50%) of the income profits to the independent representatives enabling them to improve their financial health as well as their physical health and establish camaraderie with other health minded, success oriented individuals.

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The Youngevity Nation.. Spreading health and wealth through science based, clinically verified medical nutrition!