The Power of Why!

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If You Have a BIG Enough Why? You’ll Find  Or Create The How!

How is your Youngevity business growing? Fast? Slow? Not at all? Do you know Why?

I’m going to share the secret that is driving my rapid growth in Youngevity with you. The ultimate key to success is.. The Power of Your Why! Why are you doing this? Why is it worth the time and effort it takes? Why is it more important to do what is necessary on a daily basis, than to procrastinate or give up?

I’m going to give it to you straight. If you haven’t clarified and strengthened your reasons Why (and your Goals), you probably won’t do what it takes or go the distance in this or any other endeavor you undertake, personal or business. There are just too many other distractions in life when we don’t clarify our goals and our whys and keep them in front of us. It’s not that people can’t succeed, they just don’t succeed.

Our Whys are the Goals that provide the fuel that motivates us and empowers our actions on an ongoing basis. If we don’t have them clearly established and kept in mind most of the time, we become easily distracted, side tracked and ultimately we fizzle out.

So, let me ask you this.. Do you know your whys? Have you established and clarified your goals? Written them down. Do you keep them in mind? Are your whys just whims? maybes? occasional brief random thoughts… Or Burning Compelling Desires? A Must have, must do, driving force in your life?

If your WHY is Big Enough the HOW will take care of itself

The Power of Why Video


So the ultimate key to your success and the speed of your growth in this or any other endeavor begins with: Establishing, Clarifying and Reviewing your GOALS and your WHYS often and repeatedly. This becomes the fuel that empowers you to do the things necessary to succeed. It’s the first step on the road to success.

That’s it! The ultimate secret of success, now let me give you some specific instructions on how to do this and some practical examples from my own life so there is no question in your mind of what must be done and how to do it.

I’m experiencing success and growing Fast with Youngevity. Certainly above average and I want you to know why so you can duplicate my success. I made Regional Marketing Director in my first two months and I’ve made about $1000 in commissions in my first three months. $500 in my third month (May 2015) alone and I’m just getting started. How? I’m glad you asked!

I’m just following the proven plan (ask me about it if you don’t know what it is). However, the reason I get out of my comfort zone and actually follow the plan is because of the motivating power of my clearly defined whys and goals.

Allow me to clarify this to you with some specific examples. I really want you to get this because I WANT YOU TO EXPERIENCE SUCCESS TOO. The universe doesn’t play favorites. If you think it does you need to evict those thoughts from your mind and take control of your thinking otherwise you won’t succeed. We realize our beliefs and expectations.

You see, I know you can do this, but I can’t know it FOR you… Only WITH you! So here is a brief condensed example of my Whys. The fuel that drives my actions. I hope they inspire, motivate and help you to establish your own…

First Principle of Successful Self Motivation
Getting Leverage on Yourself Through Pain and Pleasure Associations

We all seek pleasure and avoid pain. So the fist step of motivating yourself successfully is to change the way you think about or represent actions, activities and outcomes to yourself mentally and emotionally. It’s an active mental discipline you intentionally engage in. You use your imagination and your will to change the way you think about things, then repeat it until it becomes a habitual driving force.

So, rather than allowing the skeptics, naysayers and advertisement agencies of the world to dictate how you think about the possibilities of your life and what you are able to accomplish, I encourage YOU to decide how you are going to think and then think in a way that associates massive pleasure and desire with the activities necessary for you to accomplish success and massive pain and aversion to the idea of the actions and activities that lead to self limitation, ultimate failure and a mediocre lifestyle. Does this make sense?

Remember success and/or failure begin and end in the mind. It all starts with how and what you think on an ongoing basis and the good news is we can change our thoughts no matter what we have thought in the past. The past is not the future unless you spend your life thinking habitual autopilot thoughts based on the past.

Practical Examples from my own experience

Exaggerated and condensed but you get the idea…

Associating PAIN: If I continue to do as I’ve been doing and follow the masses, I will end up broke and dependent with limited lifestyle choices and personal freedom. This will contribute to my feelings of failure because I will have accomplished little to set me apart from the masses who work as corporate slaves, spend much of their day working to build the dreams and wealth of someone else at dead end JOB’s (just over broke) then spend much of the rest of their time sitting in front of TV sets allowing the media and corporate profiteers to tell them how to think, live, eat and die, only to go to bed, get up and do it all over and over and over again while they worry about their bills and the other symptoms produced by being financially dependent, sick and tired.

(ok so this is a bit exaggerated but you get the idea in a nutshell).. Now on to…

Associating PLEASURE: If I do the things necessary to succeed with Youngevity I can have a lifestyle of my own choosing wherever in the world I desire to live. A lifestyle based on personal choice and TOTAL FREEDOM to be and do as I desire, travel whenever and/or wherever I want to, live the life of my own goals, dreams and desires by directly and indirectly helping thousands of people to live healthier, happier and establish the lifestyles, freedom and health they desire too. I’m helping the world transform itself from corporate slavery and dependency to personal freedom and entrepreneurship! When I die I will know I’ve succeeded by the success I’ve shared with thousands of others and I will be remembered with love, appreciation and respect by all those I’ve helped. I will have made a positive mark on the world and helped to change history for the better.

See how I’m associating pleasure with doing the things necessary to succeed and pain with the result of not doing them? I’m intentionally redirecting my thoughts and emotions toward what I want and away from what I don’t want.

So honestly, are you happy with your lifestyle? Could you be totally satisfied with your current level of health and income and the limitations currently determining your life choices if you continue to do what your doing today? What about if you knew that the sky was truly the limit? Well it is!

Remember, the only boundaries you actually have are those you impose upon yourself by the way you think and the choices you make based on your thoughts. Your income potential along with the lifestyle freedom and flexibility you could have with Youngevity is Unlimited! Many have already proven this. It’s not just a theory. Can you say that about your current job or career? If so, then you don’t need the Youngevity opportunity. If not.. You do!

OK, Why Youngevity? There are many other Network Marketing Companies out there. This is easy.. check these points out for yourself. They are verifiable FACTS! Research, convince yourself. I have.. Here are some of my whys related to Youngevity and Network Marketing. More fuel for activity and positive action…

  • Network marketing is the most lucrative business model of the 21st century according to some of the richest people in the world (Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame). It has created more millionaires out of average people regardless of their education, sex etc than any other industry and provides much more personal freedom than the corporate structure model of business. Over 80% of American women who make 100,000 or more per year have done it with network marketing.
  • Dr. Wallachs background, story, history, research and clinical results are the most interesting, compelling and life transforming in the Network Marketing Industry.. We have the best story.. Period. Nothing else even comes close. The implications of his life’s work, research and findings are changing the face of health care in the world and have transformed peoples health and lifestyles everywhere.. This is a fact, and nothing can stop it. The voices of the critics are becoming subdued as more and more lives are actually transformed and peoples health reestablished. Eventually the message of complete nutrition will be a universally accepted truism. Dr. Wallach is the father of mineral supplementation and full spectrum veterinary nutritional formulas adapted to human beings. This is life changing, history in the making guys and we are a part of it, share in it and benefit from it.
  • Youngevity is a nutritional trend setter, not a trend follower like so many others. They are committed to the highest quality natural sources and manufacturing methods and their supplements actually work for the vast majority of those who use them. With Youngevity, results are the rule rather than the exception. This is the REAL DEAL!
  • Youngevity has one of the most generous compensation plans in this industry. 52 cents out of every dollar is returned to their independent representatives and they have the easiest to qualify for car bonus program in the industry as well. This company was built by distributors for distributors. A company for the people, by the people. It doesn’t get any better than this.

See how my whys are so motivational? This is what fuels my actions and activities to build my business and help others and why I am growing as fast as I am. I believe in what I’m doing. I believe in the company. I truly appreciate and desire what Youngevity provides in the way of Health and Wealth.

I came to these conclusions based on my own research and review. I keep these facts in my mind and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I just keep on caring, sharing, educating, training, supporting and motivating anyone who will listen. That is why they call it prospecting guys because when you tell the story enough, you will eventually find those who have, establish or catch same vision and desire and when you do, then nothing will be able to stop the momentum growth and the success of your group.

I think this way because I know it is how I have to think in order to succeed and if I’m not in this business to succeed than what am I doing here? We have to get off the fence, focus on the task at hand, clarify our goals and whys and then take consistent daily action according to the proven plan provided by those who have gone before us in order to have mega success in this or any other business.

It’s really that simple and this is why it’s been reasonably easy for me to get out of my comfort zone and do the things necessary consistently. As I review my whys and feel the driving desire to realize my dreams It becomes easier and more natural every day.

You became a Youngevity rep for your own reasons. If you really want to succeed in this business then I recommend you develop a big enough why. The REAL question I recommend you answer for yourself in your own way is not “Can I do this”. Of course you can (if you want to). The REAL question you have to answer for yourself is “Why do I want to do this”, “Why Must I Do This” and “Why AM I doing this”

I look forward to helping, supporting and assisting you in anyway I can and would love to see you and your family on one of the Youngevity Success Recognition Award Cruises in the very near future!

Onward and Upward…

Mark Hamilton
(602) 752-0274