What Makes Youngevity Superior?

There are thousands of nutritional supplements being sold on the market and many claim theirs is the ultimate formula. However most of these claims are based on little more than marketing hype and the personal bias of those who have fallen prey to it.

The Nutritional Supplement industry is highly unregulated and products are frequently pulled from the market for not containing what the label claims or for actually containing toxic substances

What's in your vitaminsIf you are going to invest hard earned money into quality supplementation it’s important to know you are getting what you pay for and getting the best VALUE for what you pay for.

The ingredients, as well as the actual facts regarding the science and research behind them, the purity of the source materials, the integrity of the manufacturing process, the quality control and the qualifications of the formulators are all important factors that determine the difference between a truly effective supplement and one that is little more than a placebo.

Have the contents, purity and potency shown on the labels been confirmed by credible 3rd party scientific analysis and verification? Have the supplements been used successfully in actual clinical conditions by HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL licensed and regulated health care professionals?

Perhaps most importantly, what are the CONSISTENT REAL LIFE HEALTH BENEFITS reported by THE MAJORITY of those who consume them on an ongoing, regular basis? After all, the ultimate PROOF of the effectiveness of a particular brand of food supplements are the health transformations experienced by those who actually consume them!

I’m 57 years old. I’ve been a student and consumer of high quality food supplements since I was 17 and this is…

Why I Use and Recommend Youngevity

  • 13 YEAR FIELD RESEARCH STUDY (1970-1983)
    focused on animal and environmental health
  • 25 MILLION DOLLARS OF FUNDING from the National Institutes of Health
  • 26,000 Animal and Human Autopsies
  • 10,000,000 Blood Chemistries & Histopathologies
  • Headed up by Marlin Perkins (of Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom Fame)
  • Dr. Joel Wallach was the lead scientist, research pathologist & veterinarian on the project

No other nutritional supplement company has this level of research behind their products!

This IS the Epic research project that transformed the animal health care industry!
Doubled the lifespans of many animals (including our dogs), and eliminated
hundreds of diseases in animals that still plague human beings!

Diseases of Exotic AnimalsThe resulting textbook that came out of this research is called “The Diseases of Exotic Animals”. It is held in the Smithsonian Institute as a National treasure and is required reading for zoologists and Veterinarians in training. This book was authored by Dr. Wallach and is sold here on Amazon.com for $500.00


  • Every animal and human being that dies of “natural causes” (degenerative/chronic disease), actually dies of a nutritional deficiency.
  • There are 90 ESSENTIAL nutrients REQUIRED for optimal health. ALL OF THEM are needed by the human body and they must be consumed EVERY DAY either as food or supplements in order to establish and maintain optimal health.
  • A deficiency of any ONE of these 90 essential nutrients, over time WILL RESULT in any one (or more) of multiple degenerative disease conditions/symptoms (not could, might or maybe).
  • Due to modern soil conditions, industrial farming practices and environmental factors it’s IMPOSSIBLE (not just difficult) for us to get adequate amounts of these 90 essential nutrients from the foods we eat no matter how healthy or organic our diet is. The minerals are simply not in the soils in adequate amounts anymore due to soil mineral depletion and modern industrialized agricultural practices.
  • WE MUST SUPPLEMENT OUR DIET WITH ALL 90 ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS in a “bio available form” in order to strengthen our immune systems, prevent degenerative health conditions and achieve, maintain and support optimal health!
  • A Strong immune system will protect us from a myriad of degenerative health conditions and adverse environmental (and pharmaceutical) antagonists.
  • A Strong immune system REQUIRES all 90 essential nutrients (including trace minerals). 60% of our nutrient needs are minerals and trace minerals. These trace minerals and micro-nutrients are no longer in the soil and they are NOT contained in 95% of the supplement formulas sold on the market to the public.


From source (raw material) to finished product, Youngevity employs strict quality control standards and testing to insure the utmost purity, quality and bio availability of each and every nutrient. Youngevity supplements aren’t isolates or fractional synthetics, but comprehensive, synergistic, whole food based formulas manufactured from the ground up for maximum absorption and utilization by the cells of the human body to ensure maximal results.

NSF - IFOS Certified

Youngevity also submits many of their key nutritional formulations to highly recognized and respected 3rd party testing and verification laboratories like NSF and IFOS. They also subject themselves to periodic, unannounced onsite inspections of their manufacturing facilities and raw material testing.

Nutrasource Testing Laboratories


Research Results

When subjected to rigorous clinical testing, not only were Youngevity supplements non-toxic but they actually had adverse effects on inflammation, free radicals and cancer cells! Click the image links in the right column of this page to download the clinical results and review them for yourself…

Youngevity’s Commitment To Science Based Research

Dr. Peter Glidden N.D. – The Science Behind Youngevity



Naturopathic Physicians

Naturopathic Physicians have fully accredited medical degrees. While they can and sometimes do prescribe pharmaceutical drugs, the more often utilize natural, wholistic therapies designed to support and assist the body’s natural inherant healing ability using nutritional supplements, herbs, diet, homeopathy, essential oils etc.

Youngevity formulas are used by many credible licensed and regulated Naturopathic Physicians in their natural medicine practices. Dr. Wallach, Dr. Peter Glidden, Dr. Megan Saunders and many others.

Dr. Peter Glidden N.D. on Youngevity Quality

Dr. Megan Saunders N.D. on Foundational Nutrition

Dr. Shane Hurada

Dr. Corey Gold



Best Nutritional Value

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To View Ingredients Click Image

When it comes to nutritional supplements, quality, content, bio-availability and VALUE is more important than just the bottom line PRICE. What you are actually getting in return for your hard earned money!

When it comes to value, Youngevity is second to none. For instance, our most popular multiple formula is called Tangy Tangerine. It costs $58. However it contains over 100 nutrients making it arguably the most complete formula on the market.

Compare the ingredients on the label (shown at right) with any other multiple and you will see a BIG difference. Just the organic plant mineral complex contains over 70 trace minerals and micro nutrients (the stuff that’s lacking in our soils).

To get all the ingredients contained in just the Tangy Tangerine from comparable quality sources, it would cost you over $200 at the health food store. So if someone tells me the Tangy Tangerine is expensive, I ask them “compared to what”. If you are comparing apples to apples and considering the VALUE of the product, it’s actually quite economical.


Unlike many supplements, Youngevity provides full spectrum supplementation. All 90 essential nutrients are found in any one of our healthy body start paks. Youngevity utilizes a highly bio-available liquid delivery system for maximum absorption and utilization by the body, using a proprietary, patented nutricrystal delivery system that ensures full potency and availability of all the nutrients.

Youngevity also has capsule and tablet delivery forms that are  highly dissoluble and bio-available.

Most supplements being sold on the marketplace are synthetic isolates, meaning they are fractional formulas lacking in certain nutrients. Youngevity provides wholistic, whole food based synergistic nutritional formulas based on Dr. Wallach’s research and discoveries.

Benefits of Full Spectrum Supplementation



You-Will-Feel-BetterI saved the best for last. Science, research, 3rd party testing/verification and quality are great things but in the end, let’s face it… RESULTS MATTER MOST!

One of the things that impressed me most when I was doing my initial research on Youngevity was the quantity and consistency of the positive results reported by the people who used Dr. Wallach’s Youngevity formulas. Results appeared to be the rule rather than the exception with these supplements.

I hadn’t seen any other supplements that produced so many positive testimonials across the board for conditions we are told we just have to live with. Initially I was skeptical. I didn’t know these people, but there were so many of them!

Now that I’ve been involved with Youngevity for about a year and have over 90 customers and representatives of my own, I’ve personally witnessed amazing changes in people’s health and my skepticism has been replaced with gratitude and astonishment.

I’ve included a few for your review. I can assure you, they are real and fairly commonplace among those who have chosen to use Youngevity according to Dr. Wallach’s protocols…

Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis & Fibromyalgia a Thing of the Past


Review MANY more consumer experiences BY CLICKING HERE


90 A Day Keeps the Doctor AwayNo, Youngevity supplements aren’t “cheap”. But they aren’t the most expensive supplements on the market either. Besides, when it comes to QUALITY, you get what you pay for. What’s your health worth to you? What value do you place on your health? What are you willing to invest in maintaining it?

If you had a top of the line expensive car like a Rolls Royce, would you put the cheapest oil you could find in it? The cheapest gas? Penny pincher auto parts? How much more is your body worth to you than a Rolls Royce?

We get one boy in life and when we don’t take care of it, it breaks. When we lose our health, nothing else matters and we would pay ANYTHING to get it back. We are responsible for our health, and an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. Supplementation provides us with that ounce of prevention. It’s not health insurance.. it’s HEALTH ASSURANCE!

I hope the information on this page has opened your eyes to the value of quality food supplementation. It’s already transformed the animal industry and we who are willing, are next in line.

To your health!

Where can you find all 90 essential nutrients from the finest sources? Only from YOUNGEVITY!

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