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Fucoidan, 90 For Life, Anti-Oxidants & Selenium
The Perfect Immune System Health Storm

Fucoidan is a natural compound found in various forms of brown seaweed like kombu, limu, wakame and mozuku plus animals like the sea cucumber.

Fucoidan has been cited in over 1000 research studies around the world and is referenced extensively on http://pubmed.gov, the National Institutes of Health Medical Research Publication Web Site:


Add fucoidan to the ideal amount of the 90 essential nutrients for your body weight, extra selenium and the elimination of the 12 bad foods and you have created the “perfect storm” to aid your body’s immune system in it’s fight against cancer

Dr. Peter Glidden’s 90 For Life Plus ZRadical (Fucoidan) Expose

The Perfect Combination


Dosage Recommendations:

  • 1 Healthy Start Pack according to condition, per 100lbs of body weight per month.
  • 1 bottle Ultimate Selenium per 50lbs of body weight per month (not to exceed 4 bottles per month)
  • As much ZRadical as you can afford (at least 2oz per day)… Stage 4 = 1/2 bottle per day.
  • Eliminate The 12 Bad Foods
  • Increase Your Anti-Oxidant Intake

Give your body everything it needs, stop putting in the bad stuff (that’s gumming up the works), get out of the way and let your body do what it knows how to do naturally … HEAL ITSELF!

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ZRadical by YoungevityResearch studies in 2002 and 2005 labeled Fucoidan as an exciting new ingredient with potential for cancer treatment. Seaweeds containing fucoidan have been found to have anti-tumor activity in mice.

Japanese researchers at the Biomedical Research Laboratories have found that Fucoidan caused leukemia, lymphoma, Colo-rectal and stomach cancer cells to self-destruct. Fucoidan has also been found to have significant immune boosting effects, and can even reduce blood cholesterol levels and is effective in cases of meningitis! It can also help reduce the negative side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

Now studies indicate lymphoma responds to fucoidan.

Researchers from the Hashemite University in Jordan at the AACR Dead Sea International Conference on Advances in Cancer Research working on previous studies that the extract from common brown seaweed causes cancer cell death (apoptosis) and shrinks tumors, have found that fucoidan suppressed cancer cell growth and caused a significant increase in apoptosis, or cellular death, in lymphoma cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.

Lymphoma is divided into two classes, Hodgkin´s and non-Hodgkin´s, which are in turn further classified into B-cell and T-cell groups. ‘Some forms of B-cell lymphoma are especially resistant to standard treatment and thus new therapies are needed, said Professor Mohammad Irhimeh adding, ‘in this study, we looked at a new treatment strategy using novel active compounds derived from a natural source – seaweed.’

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